Rebuilding Your Home: The Handy House Demolition Know-How

Demolition service is not something that we need often. But there are numerous reasons that move us to do the demolishing work. One of the most common reasons behind the house demolition is rebuilding. It is an inseparable part of rebuilding one’s house. Many people also opt to sell their ancestral house and lands to a property developer in order to renew it and get a new apartment or a space. Demolishing the house is a must for that. For small and medium size houses, demolition is not a big deal. Some skilled labors with right equipment’s can finish off the job within just few days. But when it comes to the removal of big houses then there is no other way than a house demolisher. You need to choose experienced house demolishers.

House Demolition

The Types

House demolisher can be of two types. One is manual and anther is explosion. As stated above, the manual house demolition is comparatively an easier means. The excavators and necessary attachments like wrecking ball, breaker etc. are standard machineries considered as manual house demolisher. There are specific types of manual demolisher used for a particular type of demolition. For example, wrecking ball is considered to be very effective to bring down a tall steel building to a certain height. The other type of demolisher like the explosives is far more regulated demolisher, and such explosives are used to bring down tall buildings, chimneys, and the tall towers.

The Process

Using explosives as demolisher is a matter of high volume job. But for comparatively small houses and buildings the manual demolisher is just enough. The process may seem simple but there are various measures that you need to take in order to carry out the demolition job. Before the demolition process there are numerous safety measures that are taken in order to ensure a hazard free demolition. The process is as follows.

  • One of the primary aspects of the house demolition is the site. The house comes in residential area and that means ensuring a safe periphery for demolition. Bringing in the house demolisher and pulling down a house without hampering the neighboring household is very essential.
  • Getting the required permission is another step towards ensuring the safety. The house demolisher should have the necessary license to do it. The next step is the removal of hazardous material. This needs to be properly removed because it also has the potential to damage the health and the environment.
  • Many households have asbestos as a part of their in-house thermal control. These should be removed before the demolition of the building.
  • Rodent control is another part of this preparation process.

The Methods

After completing the above process various types of house demolishers are used to complete the job.

  1. Wrecking balls and cranes are used to break the building into bug chunks.
  2. The excavators depend upon the size of the project and are used to remove such chunks of concrete and iron bars.
  3. Then the remains of the building are removed by a bulldozer.

This is the precise method of how the house demolisher is used.


The choice of house demolisher completely depends upon the volume of work and time. It might happen that a person might be willing for explosives but the area may not be suitable to use such means. On the other hand if one has enough time to do the job then and the manual demolition is the safe and a secured option. It may take few days more to completely remove the debris but after all it is cost effective and safe for the residential areas. No matter what one chooses, it is very important to have a licensed and experienced firm to do the job.

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