All That You Need To Know About Vehicles Brake And Clutch Service & Repairs

A vehicle has various parts that the buyer needs to be aware of while it is in use. A vehicle is not only about good looks but it is also about taking care of the various parts of it. A well-maintained vehicle goes a long way in ensuring that your car gives top-notch mileage and runs smooth. No matter, what car you drive, regular servicing of the same will ensure that your car does not suffer from any major breakdown. One of the most important parts of a car is brake and clutch. It is important that in regular intervals, you undertake Brake and Clutch service & repairs of your vehicle to ensure its smooth running.

Break Repairs

Break Repairs

A brake is a critical part of the car. It is solely responsible for stopping the car. For your safety, it is important to ensure that your vehicles brake is performing at its best capacity, as any malfunction can turn fatal. A clutch helps you to balance between the brake and accelerator helping you to drive safely. It is imperative to say that both Brake and Clutch service & repairs need to be performed at regular intervals.

Here we have tried to decode key facts about brake and clutch and list out all the things that you need to know about them.

# Brakes Differ with Cars: Contrary to common misconception, not all cars have the same kind of brakes. In fact, all cars have various kinds of brakes. Heavy-duty vehicles, trucks, buses, trains, and commercial vehicles are known to be fitted with engine brakes that help to instantly stall heavy-duty vehicle. Sports cars or cars where the driver can drive at extremely high speed, the brakes are ultra-smooth and fast. A light touch will instantly stall the car traveling at high speed. In such cases, the cars also have shock absorbers in place to ensure that the car does not get damaged due to the sudden application of brake.

# It’s Cost Effective: Yes, you heard us correct, brakes help to save your money. You may not know, but a brake prevents any further damage to your car by preventing regular wear and tear. It also makes your car safe and hence you should periodically opt for vehicles Brake and Clutch service & repairs and change their oil from time to time.

Here are some interesting facts about brakes,

–       Exhaust brakes in cars can be used all throughout not only when you apply them.

–       Exhaust brakes are sound free while engine ones are known to produce sound.

–       Engine brakes are used when you travel on a slope or when you are stuck in the traffic.

Now, that we have learned about brakes, it is time to know more about clutches.

Clutch Repairs

Clutch Repairs

# Clutch Control: Just like a brake, a clutch is also an important part of the car that needs to be well kept. If you are driving a manual car, then it is important to have a Clutch control on the same. Ideally, most clutches have 2 parts – pressure plate and friction plate. The pressure plate is connected to the gear parts. Understand the way the clutch works to get complete control on it.

# Numerous Clutches: You will be surprised to know that most cars have numerous clutches. Depending on the make, and speed capacity the number of clutches in the car is determined. While servicing ensure that, all the clutches are serviced with care to ensure that the car runs smoothly.

Both brakes and clutch go hand in hand in any vehicle, it is important that you undertake periodic Brake and Clutch service & repairs for smooth running of the vehicle.