What Are the Simple Steps to Be Followed for Meditation and How Can You Opt for Good Meditation Techniques?

We are living in an era where stress is overtaking our lives. As we are expected to be dynamic and fast in our professional and personal lives we are somehow compromising on our health.   To keep up with the pace of present lifestyle, it is important to manage once health and meditation proves as an excellent alternative to it. Meditation is an approach to train both the body and the mind.  According to researches based on different levels by the scientists and healthy living practitioners, the art of meditation lies in the understanding of the values of the inner self. In the Oriental and the accidental worlds, the source and the implication of meditation and different techniques of meditation have been influential in encouraging people to leading a healthy and peaceful life.



What is the basic theory of mindfulness meditation?

People are always bogged down by unnecessary and wandering thoughts. The mindfulness meditation technique does not always allow them to bind their thoughts in a sequential order, but at least they can be aware of these thoughts. Through this meditation process people know the pattern in which their thoughts keep on moving, and through this people can judge their experiences whether good or bad. In some academic institutions and also in corporate organizations students and employees practise this kind of meditation to enhance their overall performance level.

What are the multiple benefits of meditation?

There are numerous benefits of meditation as propounded by health professionals. They can be enlisted as follows:

  • Lowers blood pressure through techniques of concentration and mindfulness meditation.
  • Reduces levels of cholesterol
  • Lowers heart rate and induces better sleeping and monitors heart activities by keeping the heart healthy.
  • Meditation is also good for the release of feel good hormones and for lowering the rate of perspiration to a large extent.
  • Lowers blood cortisol levels to a large extent.
  • People who go for regular forms of meditation also suffer from less anxiety, depression and they also develop a positive view about life.

In Buddhist philosophy, the entire art of meditation is based on the liberation of the mind from all the worldly attachments. The enlightened practitioner gets rid of all the worldly desires and wishes and cools down in his own recesses of the mind.



What are the best postures and techniques to be followed for meditation?

Until and unless you know the correct postures and the steps to be followed in meditation, it would be very tough for you to control the wandering thoughts through meditation. These following steps can be initiated and carried on getting the best outcomes of conscious or subconscious meditation:

  • Sitting or lying comfortably is important and in this case, you can opt for a cushioned chair or a backrest to hold your shoulders and arms in proper position.
  • Closing the eyes with the right kind of eye pillow or the eye mask can bring a soothing sensation to your eyes during and after meditation.
  • You need to breathe in and out naturally and not make any conscious effort to breathe.
  • It is important to make your inhalation important and with each breath that you take, the body movement should be proper.

You always need to consult a registered practitioner who can give you the right feedback regarding meditational techniques and the outcomes. You can now even learn the meditation techniques from social media platforms like YouTube channels. Else, you can choose a trainer who will teach you the art of meditation on a personal class basis.


Therapeutic Benefits that you get by using the Yoga Futon Bolsters

With the weary professional life taking toll on us, stress and tiredness have become a part and parcel of our lives. Paying by our health majorly, there needs to be ways in order to beat these stress levels. By far the best and easy way we can be suggestive of is usage of yoga futon bolster.

  • Teaching you to sit taut since childhood, these are extremely comfortable and the best anyone can suggest to get rid of stress.
  • If you have been suffering from joint and back pains, or else, if you are suffering from acute arthritis due to posture problems, then you can sit and practice exercising on this futon bolsters, to give you instant relief from pain or from joint problems.
  • Be relieved, the yoga futon bolster helps to keep your chest straight, after opening up your arms eventually results in keeping your belly straight, ribs open thus, enhancing a better blood circulation. A better blood circulation in body not only summons positive energy but even refines breathing activity.

Having discussed its main advantages of relieving stress, enhancing blood circulation, calmer breathing activity the yoga futon bolster has also therapeutic benefits to its shoulders. You can get good quality bolsters from the online stores and you can consult exercise professionals who will also tell you about the advantages of the futon bolster.


Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga futon bolster

Before moving any further, here’s a simple tip that will add to more value to using these yoga futon bolsters. Your eyes should be closed and you must be comfortable in the acquired posture so as to make the best out of these angelic materials. Do not begin unless your body has adjusted to the most comfortable position before you wish to proceed any further. The five best activities plan with yoga fun bolster are as follows:

  • Child’s Pose: The child pose has to be attained by simply kneeling down and keeping the yoga futon bolster in between your legs in such a position that its major part covers your front body. Now simply lie down on the bolster and begin to breathe loudly with your eyes closed only after you have adjusted comfortably, it wouldn’t be like an effort for you to achieve this position. First and foremost, the position releases oxygen into your kidneys followed by relaxing muscles of your lower back area, also known as sacrum. It helps in calming your mind and body, helps in nourishing your nervous system and last but not the least it is best for people who find it difficult to sleep at night.
  • The Back Bend Pose: This exercise is a relief measure for the front part of your body. It is better known as the Chest opener. As the name justifies it helps in opening the chest, belly, heart as well as ribs. People with digestive issues should seek this support as it helps in nourishing your organs leading to a better digestive functioning. If planning to provide relaxation to your upper body like head, neck and shoulder simply place the yoga futon bolster underneath your neck to relax the upper region of your body.
  • Heart Benefits: This sort of exercise is great for those looking for a relief for their heart and digestive problems. It simply involves you to attain a position with your head, shoulder and spine along the yoga futon bolster. It stretches the intercostals, diaphragm and abdominals.

After acquiring this pose, all you need to is relax and breathe. Inhale the oxygen into your heart space and feel surrendered by the magic the yoga futon bolster has in store for you.