Things to Know Before Buying Tungsten Wedding Rings

Prized by inhabitants of all ancient civilizations ever since time immemorial, wedding rings have perpetually symbolized the strength of the bond between two individuals promising to devote themselves to each other throughout the course of the remainder of their lives. The circular shape of wedding rings represents unending love within marriages, just as a circle limitlessly extends till infinity. Although wedding rings were predominantly worn by women in the earliest times comprising their most cherished piece of jewelry, they gradually started to grace the fingers of men as well with the passage of time.

Though the value of wedding rings in marriages has remained the same even with time, the discoveries of new metals have resulted in the crafting of wedding rings  using a wide variety of metal alloys. An alloy is a combination of two or more metals which are present in equal or varied proportions. Traditionally, wedding rings were made out of yellow or white gold bands. However, in contemporary times, other precious hypoallergenic metals such as platinum, tungsten, titanium and rose gold are also widely employed as constituents of wedding rings. In recent times, Men’s Tungsten Wedding Rings are swiftly gaining popularity.  Tungsten being impervious to corrosion and scratches, retains its  shine, and possess incredibly high tensile strength to eliminate the probability of bending.

Men's Tungsten Rings

Men’s Tungsten Rings

Composition and Forms of Tungsten Wedding Rings

  • Most commonly, Men’s Tungsten Wedding Rings are fabricated with an alloy termed as Tungsten Carbide, which is obtained following a combination of Tungsten and Carbon. Tungsten Carbide is almost four times harder when compared with Titanium, and possesses the highest melting point amongst all known metals. Also popularly used for manufacturing industrial equipment and bulb filaments, this alloy is remarkably resilient to scratches, and effectively maintains its radiance. Tungsten Carbide wedding rings usually have a grey color.
  • Tungsten Carbide rings are also recently available in permanent rich shades of black resembling the color of an onyx. This color is imparted through the utilization of a specialized technique of physical vapor deposition (PVD), also offering increased resilience to damage by diminishing surface friction.
  • Another specialized binding procedure produces a rich white color on the exterior of Men’s Tungsten Wedding Rings, so that they resemble Platinum wedding bands. This increases the resilience to wear and tear as well.
  • Still another variant of Tungsten wedding rings may be obtained by molding an alloy of Tungsten and Titanium termed as Dura Tungsten. These Dura Tungsten possess a sparkling luster,  longer durability, and weigh 20 per cent lesser than their Tungsten Carbide counterparts.

Benefits of Tungsten Wedding Rings

  • Men’s Tungsten Wedding Rings are essentially scratch-proof, unless rubbed against other extremely hard minerals like Corundum and Diamonds. Thus, they do not need to be repeatedly removed and inserted while performing laborious chores, always preserving their shine.
  • These rings are the perfect epitomes of strength and style, thus the most preferred  wedding rings for numerous new-age individuals who attach utmost importance to these attributes.
  • Men’s Tungsten Wedding Rings possess incredible tensile strength and do not bend, unlike other traditional metal rings which may bend during the incidence of various accidents and cut off the blood circulation to the ring bearing finger. This greatly reduces the risk of mechanical injuries to the wearer.
  • Even if these rings  need to be removed by force following emergencies, the brittleness of Tungsten rings permits their destruction with the application of well-gripping pliers.
  • Tungsten generally is a non-reactive metal and does not cause allergies.
  • Tungsten can be combined with a multitude of other metals to design eclectically elegant wedding rings.
Tungsten Rings

Tungsten Rings

Guidelines to Deal with the Drawbacks of Tungsten Wedding Rings

  • Men’s Tungsten Wedding Rings are most commonly manufactured using an alloy of Tungsten Carbide, to which a Nickel or Cobalt binder is incorporated in order to increase their resilience to wear-induced deformity. While Cobalt binders are used in manufacture of industrial components, Nickel binders in trace amounts are added while fabricating wedding rings. It is important to note that if Cobalt is used in wedding rings as a binder, it may induce allergic reactions, and react with bodily sebum (oil) present on the skin surface to produce stains on the ring.
  • Owing to Tungsten’s properties as an efficient conductor of electricity and heat, people should ideally remove their wedding rings while working in the vicinity of thermal or electrical energy.
  • Although scratch free, Tungsten wedding rings are vulnerable to staining and can’t be re-polished. Oil stains may be easily eliminated, however, by rubbing the ring with alcohol. Jewelers employ other professional techniques to remove stains and rejuvenate the luster.

Thus, Tungsten wedding rings are increasingly being used by the present generation, as they afford unrivaled flexibility to ring bearers, being suited to all orientations of lifestyles, budgets, traditions, and religions. This Tungsten wedding rings are also available in a wide variety of hues and shades, accommodating the essence of every person.


All you want to know about the Best Water Colour Tattoos

Tattoos have evolved to be a fashionable body art that people love to have as a medium to express that deepest feelings. They are created in a wide range of styles and shapes based on client perspective so that it can turn out to be their priced possession. With its growing popularity, there are several trends that have made their way and the best Water Colour Tattoos is amongst them.

Best Water Colour Tattoo Artist

Best Water Colour Tattoo Artist

What Are Water Colour Tattoos?
Watercolor or painterly tattoos are an artistic technique of applying tattoos with gradation of colors as seen in paintings. A simple difference between these tattoos and traditional ones is that the Water Colour Tattoos do not have any sort of outline, while the basic structure of an old school tattoo is the outline. There are many principles that are used in making of such tattoos including blur, shades, bleeds and shades on typical subjects like birds, flowers, feathers or brush strokes.

Water Colour Tattoos

Water Colour Tattoos

Facts about Water Colour Tattoos
Since it is relatively a new tattooing technique, there are many facts about it that you may not be aware of and some of this includes:

  • Water Colour Tattoos do not hurt as much as Traditional Tattoos: The method used for creating best Water Colour Tattoos is different compared to traditional tattoos. But still, it requires needle so that the color can be injected on the epidermis of your skin. Though this acts like a painting brush yet the pain that you experience will be less than traditional ones.
  • Artistic Creation: Though both the styles of tattoos can depict emotion at its best, but Water Colour Tattoos showcase delicate look with a perfect balance of artistic skill. This is the reason why the vibe that you get from them is different, as they are more on the fragile side. Thus, it can be taken as a form of art that has been beautifully painted on your body.
  • Lifespan of Water Colour Tattoo is less: The only drawback of Water Colour Tattoos is that their lifespan is less than traditional tattoos. However, by less it means that it is going to stay on your body for a period of at least 20 years, after which it may require touch-ups or solid coloring. A good way to ensure that it does not fade faster is to add black color as this brings the perfect amount of pigments to the water color.
  • Unlimited Shades of Color in Water Colour Tattoos: Another amazing aspect about the best Water Colour Tattoos is that you can get as many shades of color as you want, in order to give a beautiful finish to it. Just think about the picture that you want to have and then decide the colors that will be ideal for it.


How to Prevent Fading of Water Tattoos?
As mentioned earlier, water tattoos fade away quickly; however, there are certain steps you need to take in order to slow down this process. The first step is to go for a splash of pigmentation by mixing black. This will ensure that the tattoo looks at its best for years to come. Next, do remember that gaining or losing weight can affect the quality of best water tattoos and thus avoiding it can yet again be favorable for its lifespan.

At last, you need to also make sure that you count on the services of a professional tattoo artist who specializes in Water Colour Tattoos and is able to offer the style and designs that you always wanted to engrave on your body.

Get Some Information On Traditional Tattoos

From ancient times till date, tattoos have always been a way to express the person’s beliefs and thoughts, on the body and its craze has never decreased. Tribal people from all over the world have drawn and are still inking tattoos that depict the strength and importance of the tribe. Today people from all strata of the society get their bodies tattoo with pictures, writings and symbols.

Tattoo Artists

Tattoo Artists

Old school tattoos are traditional style of America and Europe which follow a specific pattern. The designs were graphical with usually bright colors and bold black outlines. All symbols and pictures used had some inner meanings. The sailors were superstitious and hence the first to restore them to depict their nature. The popularity still holds today with the dedication of some traditional tattoos expert.


From thousands of years the traditional tattoos have been in craze among sailors, service men etc. Each tattoo represents an inner meaning and stands for a specific statement. Some popular tattoos which the expert still makes are:

  • Anchors:

Anchors symbolizes with stability especially for people who spend most of their time in sea and are very popular till date among mass. Many sailors used to ink the name of the closest person along the anchor to remind them of being steady.

  • Swallows:

Swallows migrate and return back home after the winters. Thus those tattoos remind them that they will return back to their homes soon. It is also believed that when sailors die their birds carry soul to the heaven.

  • Dragons:

Dragons are Japanese inspired tattoo which Jerry, a tattoo master from west had drawn for the first time.

  • Snakes:

Snakes especially king cobra was pretty popular. The snakes represented authority and strength which keeps away every wrong and evil.

  • Death:

Inking on the body is one permanent decision that stays till you die. This concept had made the death tattoo very trendy in the old days among the sailors.

  • Military:

The job is the most important thing for any person especially for service man. Hence military arts that depicted the ship, flight crew or platoon the man belonged were also in demand.

  • Nautical Star:

North Star is one thing that sailors depend on for navigation so that they can return home. Hence it is considered very important for a sailor and so big in those days.

Custom Tattoos

Custom Tattoos


A good tattoo artist must be creative, with experience and high ability. The able artists are experienced and must have done apprenticeship from registered studio. The scratchers are the ones who are neither trained nor have any apprenticeship from any studio. It is not right to rely on scratchers for any kind of tattoos including the traditional ones. When it comes to traditional tattoo, the artist must have few things like:

  • The artist must have very good machine knowledge.
  • The artist should be great on ideas that they need for creating the tattoos.
  • They must have their own style of creating art.
  • They must be able to draw brave and clear lines in the tattoos.
  • The artist should have the knowledge about the colors and the assortment they are going to use.

It is important to look for traditional tattoos expert for the job because tattooing is one permanent decision that you will have to carry till death. There are no or very less chances of redoing the tattoo that goes wrong. Hence, it is vital to look for the right people and perfect tattoo to be engraved on your body.

Ways to Find the Best Portrait Tattoo Artist

If a person wishes to have a tattoo inked on the body, there is one question that strikes the mind and that is how to find an experienced tattoo artist? Well, with so much craze in the tattoo world, there are many tattoo artists that have come out with their skills, making it difficult for the people to select one. Firstly, you need to determine which kind of tattoo to ink, it can be geometric or portrait or anything else. You need to go with expert portrait tattoo artists that can do a best job for you.

Best Portrait Tattoo Artist

Best Portrait Tattoo Artist

How to look for the Best Tattoo Artists?

There are certain imporant things that need to be checked before you make a decision with respect to the tattoo artist. Have a look at the points which are explained below in brief.

  • Start with Portfolios: There are many popular and experienced tattoo artists who have their portfolios on their websites. You need to carefully check them out and figure out if you are looking for portrait tattoos that they have done already. However, not all of them exhibit their own made portraits, therefore you need to be careful in making a decision. You need to understand which portraits seem to be realistic and which look fake.
  • Visit the Portrait Tattoo Studio: Browse for the details online and check out the tattoo studios personally. Check whether the studio is clean and is hygienic. Check if the artists have license and certification on the walls of the studio. In addition to this, there is also need to check for any health certifications given to the artists as this will help you understand whether the artist concentrates on health of the client or not. When sterile equipment is used, then tattoo will look good, will stay for long and will also heal faster.
  • Contact the Past Clients of the Artist: There are two ways to understand how the past clients have experienced the tattoo service. Firstly, you can check the reviews and the feedbacks given by the clients on the websites of the tattoo artist. And the other way here is that you can take contact numbers of the clients from the artists (genuine clients give the number easily), ask them how their experience with the tattoo artist was, how soon their tattoo got healed, did the artist make use of sterile tools, and anything you have in mind. This will help you in making the decision easier.
  • Do not Compromise on Price: As you are getting a tattoo inked for entire life, please do not compromise with the price. If your artist is genuine, has license, is skilled and qualified, and is asking you a higher price, then do not hesitate and go for it. You can even share your budget with the artist; if he is generous then he can help you with the portrait tattoo done at your own price.
  • Focus on Professional Guidance: If the professional and expert portrait tattoo artists are suggesting you something, make sure that you at least give a good thought to it. For instance, if you are showing him a design that you need to get inked, and he says it doesn’t suit you then make sure that you listen to him. After all, they have experience in the field and they know what looks best on the person’s hand.


So, make sure you keep all the above mentioned tips in your mind and use them when you are searching to find the best professional portrait tattoo for yourself.

8 Tips to Find the Best Tattoo Parlour

Young and old alike are opting for different tattoos for different reasons. This is an art and opting to get a tattoo done by just anybody might cause more harm than good. You need to be aware that tattooing tends to break the skin and leads to bleeding which might cause infection, which can be life threatening. According to the medical researchers, it has been found that low quality tattoos can increase your skin irritation and spread some bacterial infection in your body. So beware of these problems and choose the best tattoo parlour for your own. This is not intended to sacrifice your style, but you need to go for high quality tattoo to keep your skin safe. Maybe you are a stylish person and you have intended to reflect your personality through multiple tattoos. In this regards you need visit the best parlour and they will make your tattoo easier and comfortable.

Tattoo Parlor

Tattoo Parlor

Tips to Find:

  1. References:
    You can ask family and friends for references, making sure they have not faced any problems with a specific tattoo parlour. In this regards you can also search on the internet and read the reviews of different tattoo parlours. Then you can choose the best one among them.
  2. The interior of a Tattoo Parlour:
    It is important to visit the chosen parlour before you take the appointment for a tattoo. Just a glance and you will know whether to choose this or not. Avoid places which are unkempt and tend to have a cluttered and dirty look. The parlour must use sterilized tools for doing your tattoo and you must ensure the quality of ink and other materials before you start with your tattoo sketch.
  3. Experience:
    A parlour which has been in this business for a long period of time assures you that you have made the right choice as you will find only experienced professional as tattoo artists here. Untrained or novices cannot be entrusted with this job as this might be dangerous where your health is concerned.
  4. Ensuring Cleanliness:
    Getting a tattoo can be a good experience if you make the right choice of the tattoo parlour. That is, ensuring the cleanliness is given a top priority here. The artist needs to change their gloves after every session and the needles need to be sterilized.



  5. Certifications:
    It is ideal if you have a look at the portfolio and make sure of the certification before you entrust any parlour for your required tattoo. There are plenty of schools available for this profession and you must check their certificate and ensure that their tattoo artists have gathered valuable experience along with proper certifications.
  6. Separate areas:
    In case the parlour also caters to body piercing make sure there are separate areas for the same. The ink which is used for tattoos should be in a separate container and the extra should be disposed.
  7. After Care:
    A well reputed parlour should be able to instruct you on the after-care. It is essential to find this out before you start the procedure. You can also think of watching the procedure in case a parlour allows it. This will give you a fair idea on the techniques used and also the cleanliness factor.
  8. Identify the tattoo you want:
    It is possible to choose a parlour which specializes in specific tattoos, like portraits or probably work of the intricate kind. You can also choose the design from their previous work and you can also make some unique tattoo by downloading from the internet.


Any type of tattoo requires some care after this is done. Talking about permanent tattoos, you need to be aware that this takes a few weeks to heal.

Definitive Guide on Old School Tattoo Specialists

In today’s world everybody has a growing appetite for new trends and fashion. Everyone is conscious about daily style and more eager to adopt trends, which has led to a demand for old school tattoo specialists who can blend old and new tattoo designs on the body. It is said that first tattoo on a human body dates back to 4th millennium BC. However, things took a change for good in the 1900’s with Old-school tattoos that are best known for their bold black outlines. They also used very restricted color palettes that became popular with sailors in the early 1900’s. It is from this time onwards that tattoos became a rage. There is no denying that even today these old school designs take the cake.

Old School Tattoo Specialist

Old School Tattoo Specialist

People often get tattoos on different body parts, which include arm, torso, face and foot. While this gives an added flavor to the appearance, however one has to be careful in selecting the right design that matches his or her personality. Thankfully, the versatile old school tattoos specialists one can now get a plethora of these designs on their body. Also, the embedded graphic has to be attractive and meaningful to make it more appealing. As it is evident, this involves a lot of creativity as well as hard work to bring out a good tattoo artist. It takes a lot of concentration and focus on part of a tattoo artist to create a good tattoo.

Old School Tattoo

Old School Tattoo

Old School Tattoos Specialists possess the skill of creating innovative and attractive tattoos. It takes a lot of training and practice before someone can actually be regarded as a good tattoo artist. Their success depends on the versatility and creativity he or she has while coming up with new ideas for designing a tattoo for potential customers. Almost every shopping center or mall has a tattoo studio equipped with all modern amenities to satisfy the thirst of the tattoo seekers. There is no denying the fact that they are doing good business and are growing at a good pace, contradictory to the thought of elders of the society.

Right from 1900s tattoos have gained steady recognition and their artists have become more versatile in designs and styles.  Using regular tattoo designs and pattern is actually diversified in form and size and has gained bigger customer range. The old school tattoos specialists and their works are in demand especially during occasions or festival season and are temporary art work which is never meant to stay for too long. With the advent of modern day tattoo art, customers are provided with option to go for temporary or permanent tattoo. Tattoo artist has to develop the skills to provide the art in both forms. An experienced artist will be able to create a design from his own mind or replicate the exact design that you want.



The work of old school tattoos specialists involves a great deal of precautions, which has to be followed as a mandate by all the artists, big or small. Tattoo artist has to inform the customer about the risk and criticality involved around a permanent tattoo – like there are possibilities of infection, burning and itching, some of which are probably temporary. Person embedding permanent tattoo is not allowed to donate blood for almost a year. If they are an active donor, it is also important on part of the customer to check with their medical practitioner about the perils of having a tattoo done. Also, there are rare possibilities of allergic reactions as body may react adversely to pigment used for tattoo. People may experience irritation in the tattooed areas during MRI. As a tattoo artist it becomes his or her responsibility to make customer aware of this.

Get Ready To Choose an Affordable Wedding Photographer

On the wedding day, not just the bride and groom but also their family and friends are excited. Finally, after so many months of preparations, the special day arrives. Well, to capture various moments of this special occasion, you must definitely hire a good wedding photographer. Starting from the aisle walk to the vows exchange, exchanging ring and the final kiss, everything will be captured by an affordable wedding photographer. He is a trained professional, with experience to click the best photos from the right angles.

Affordable Wedding Photographer

Affordable Wedding Photographer

Difference Between Wedding Photographers and Other Photographers

People generally cannot make out the differences between a general photographer and a wedding photographer. Well, there is a huge difference; let’s find out.

  • Always remember that a professional wedding photographer usually undertakes only wedding assignments, and you cannot hire them for any other projects. Whereas, a common photographer can be hired for any kind of event, be it a corporate meet or a birthday party.
  • A wedding photographer is much more precise in his work. They are not going to get a second chance, while clicking the candid pictures. For example, the perfect kiss or the ring exchange is some quick shots, which can be missed with a blink of an eye.
  • A wedding photography professional is more fast and accurate with his positioning. This is not the case with others, as they will get the chance to redo and take as many pictures as they want.
  • A wedding photographer needs to get his pictures approved by the family of bride and groom before they are printed. A wedding is an emotional journey; therefore the family will only pay if the photos tell the story well. It is also difficult for other traditional photographers to capture the best moment, but not as a wedding photographer.
Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer

Ways to Choose the Best Photographer

On such a special occasion as wedding, you cannot afford to miss selecting the right and affordable wedding photographer. A single bad decision on your part will ruin the memories of your big day. So, you have to be fast and accurate, and even research well before you get to choose the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding.

  • As the most important point, you need to choose a wedding photographer with years of experience. Proper experience means they can provide you with creative and perfectly shot photos and portraits. This is why experience plays a very important role.
  • You should look for the affordable wedding photographer who is licensed and registered with known associations. In most of the states, getting a license is not very difficult. One cannot pursue this career without proper certificate and license. Therefore, be sure to choose a photographer with proper license to avoid legal problems later.
  • Check out their previous work and get an idea of their capabilities. You can also check the site and read testimonials. Ask for references if need be.
  • You can search online or ask family and friends. Well, ask your family, friends, cousins and anyone else, who recently got married and are happy with their photographs. They might help you by sharing their experiences. Just pre-set a budget and enjoy the perfect wedding.
  • Contact a few wedding photographers. Ask for quotes and what all you will get in terms of portraits, album, etc. Do ask what type of album. It is better to check yourself to know the quality.


Make sure you follow these points thoroughly, before you end up selecting an affordable wedding photographer.