Some Worthy Hacks For Domestic Cleaning

Domestic cleaning is essential for a number of reasons. It is evident that one cannot clean the home on a regular basis considering the fact that it is highly hectic and time-consuming job to do. Besides, nobody likes to find dirt, dust, and cobweb around every corner of the house. Hence, there comes the domestic cleaning service at your rescue. With the help of domestic cleaning service, you can get the high-quality cleaning and you don’t even have to spare time on it. They will perform the cleaning task on your behalf.

However, if you think that you are free enough or if you want to utilize your weekend by spending time on domestic cleaning, then you can follow these worthy hacks for domestic cleaning. This will make your cleaning task easier and hassle free.

Domestic Cleaning

Domestic Cleaning

  • With the help of baking soda and vinegar, you can clean your window tracks.

  • For cleaning the stainless-steel sink, you need to use baking soda along with cream of tartar. It will clean and give a polished look to your sink.

  • You can make homemade cleaner for tub, tile, and grout by mixing baking soda, dish soap, and peroxide. It will give sparkling white kitchen.

  • You can fill the washing machine with the hot water and 4 parts of bleach to deep cleanse the dirt and run it with vinegar to dissolve scum and grime of soap.

  • In addition to that, in order to clean the air vents, you can use a piece of cloth and a butter knife. The nasty dirt will be out from the tiny space.

  • Besides, you can use dust mop or a swifter in order to clean the walls in the bathroom along with the cleaning solution.

  • Apart from that, if you want to get rid of the stains and grease on the microfiber couch, you can scrub it with baby wipes until they are damp. You can also use a spray bottle, rubbing alcohol, along with hair dryer to get spotless couch.

  • Scrub the bathroom vents with the warm soapy water and vacuum it to suck away the dirt in the container.

  • Cleaning a screen door is always a problem. However, using a lint roller in order to remove the dirt, pet hair, cobwebs from screen doors is much easier and hassle-free process.

Domestic Cleaning

Domestic Cleaning

  • Well, if you want sparkling floors, you can make hardwood floor cleaner. You can make cleaner by adding a few cups of vinegar along with Castile soap to get the shining and beautiful floor.

  • Apart from that, you can use coffee filter in order to clean the mirror or glass in an easy way.

  • Moreover, baby oil is a great way for removing the fingerprints from the stainless steel.

  • You can use the old toothbrush for many domestic cleaning purposes. It is highly useful. Therefore, it is advised not to throw away your old toothbrush. You can clean the nooks and cranny’s where your vacuum cleaner can’t reach.

  • In order to get rid of the carpet stains you can use washing up liquid. Mix 1 tablespoon of washing up liquid with that of the 2 cups of warm water and put it on the blotting stain until and unless it disappears. Then sponge it with cold water.

Conclusion – In a nutshell, if you will follow these domestic cleaning hacks, you will get the desired result and a dust free home for sure. Besides, it will not take much of your time. Thus, you will get a lot of time and a neat and clean home as well.


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