Tips on Installing Roller Blinds and The Ways to Decorate Them

Looking to refurbish your home? You may substitute your old curtains for roller blinds to enhance the décor and increase the privacy level. Blinds are now available in beautiful colors, styles and patterns. Wherever you use them, roller blinds will boost the curb appeal of the space. Not only it enhances the beauty of the house but it is also a great option if you want to improve the level of privacy. You may use the blinds for home furnishing as well since they are now manufactured of stiffened fabric to offer you a complete privacy. It is important to buy the best quality roller blinds and install them in the finest manner.

The best part of the roller blind is that it is lightweight and can be rolled up easily. It will not pose any kind of problem when you are using it. If extended properly, roller blind can also block the sun rays. You need to follow important tips while installing them. Firstly, determine the space where you wish to install the roller blind. If the surface of installation is metallic, you need to use metallic screws. Use wall anchors if installing on the wall boards. Such are the basic tips that need to be followed and you will find a complete guidance on the installation of roller blind in this article.

There are a variety of options and choices available in roller blind. The material of the blind may be lightweight, offering less privacy. Such roller blinds can be used in areas that do not require much of privacy like kitchens and dining areas. When used in a kitchen, roller blind enhances décor and can filter smoke and light from the space. Similarly, it may be used in living room to enhance the aesthetic appeal and to check the level of noise coming from outside.

Install Roller Blinds

Install Roller Blinds

The Use of Roller Blinds in Offices

Roller blinds may be used in homes and offices as well. The best part is that it can control the noise from entering through window from outside. Thus, it is a suitable choice for conference rooms and meeting rooms. Choose sedate designs and colors if you are using it in the office.

Roller Blinds in Bathrooms

Waterproof option in roller blind is also available. So, you can use the blind in the bathroom as well. It is a practical solution since it is easy to clean or maintain. No matter where you use roller blind in the home, its primary purpose is to offer a complete privacy and restrict outside noise from entering. It can also restrict heat and dust.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

Steps for Installing Roller Blinds

  • Firstly, you need to determine the space where you want to use it
  • Just extend the blinds and hold them onto inner portion of windows. Prevent it from touching your top portion of the window and restrict any kind of obstruction. Draw a line for the placement of bracket
  • Keep moving the bracket such that it is 1/8th of a frame of the window. Make dots on the region where you want to fix the metallic screws.
  • Drill holes on the pencil dots you made. Create holes that are big enough to hold the screws.
  • Hold bracket to the frame of the window and insert screw into the hole. Tighten the screw and make sure you keep the screw into the bracket
  • The pin of roller blind should also stay inside the bracket

It is important to choose roller blinds of perfect size and shape. If you are not sure of its installation, you can summon a professional. It needs a bit of experience to carry out the job in a flawless manner. The chief objective of installing this type of blind is blocking the rays of the sun and preventing heat and outside noise from coming in.


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