Steel Wires for Balustrades Offer Affordable High-Quality Support and Styling

Stainless wire balustrade adds great strength and durability of the structure.  They are in use recently, and one of the popular means to strengthen the rails of the balustrade while giving you the required space and the security.

Stainless Wire Balustrade

Stainless Wire Balustrade

What Are Balustrades

Balusters or poles of about 1 meter height or lower are installed at places for people to get a nice place to stand, lean, support the body weight, and enjoy the view in front. Therefore, such rails are used in many spaces. It may be the balcony or terrace of the property or may be the sunrise or sunset point on a hilltop, or on some bridge etc. Wherever you need to add some security feature to protect from falling off from a height, without blocking a major portion of the view in front, you can install balustrade rails to support safely.

Now a balustrade may be just one rail on the balusters with no other guarding support beneath, and in such designs, the person leaning on the rail may accidentally slip from beneath the rail to the lower height place and may get hurt or injured. In a case of big heights like hilltops, high buildings etc, this can be fatal and very dangerous. Hence, many property owners decide to guard the space below by using a line of wires running parallelly or thin metal bars etc.

Why Use Stainless Wires Balustrades

Steel wires have been found in great use in balustrade supporting and guarding. Steel is a strong alloy which offers great strength and lasts really long. And steel made wires, which are galvanized to pass all the tests of weathering, are great for use in balustrades, which are generally open air structures.

The Use of Steel Wires in Balustrades Is Trending for Any Reasons, And They Are as Follows:

  • Steel wires are highly strong and offer great support
  • They can be customized with increased and decreased thickness as required for the balustrade and people security.
  • With steel wires, a balustrade will pass the security test, and a property can be used to take permission to install a balustrade at any height.
  • The great tensile strength of steel wires is a big perk, and hence steel can withstand high pressures.
  • The shine of steel is a great advantage. Balustrades made of steel rails and steel wires look great. Else the rail of a balustrade can be painted in a steel colored coat to match with the steel wires.
  • Being low cost and affordable, it’s easy and affordable to wire a balustrade with steel wires.
  • Once installed, you won’t have to worry much about the maintenance of the steel wires.
  • You may order color tints in the wires to match your theme and interior or exteriors.
Wire Balustrade

Wire Balustrade

The Regulation About Balustrade Spacing

There are many regulations about erecting balustrades, using one, and guarding one with wires or rails etc. Every country has its own norms, which get amended over and over periodically. Hence you must know what your country norms are. Generally, the rails are being installed at such height, that the fall height is less than a meter, no guards or protection is required. If the height is greater than that, then you would need protection, and in that case, the spacing of the guarding wires has to be checked and surveyed by an engineer before you install them.

Conventional balustrades on vertical balusters spaced at small distances do not need steel wires. But the contemporary designs that are meant for styling where the balusters are installed 10 meters apart or around that would need wires for support, and in that case, a spacing of the props less than 10 meters are preferred for better security.


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