Considerations for the Commercial Outdoor Light Pole for Parking

The outdoor light pole which you see on the streets in the parking lots or walkways helps every nightwalker beyond limits. This side of the product also has numerous facets to consider before making the choice. Following are few considerations, which the buyers must think about before upgrading the lighting control of the parking of the place, be it a retail shop or any other commercial or residential outlet with parking area. With these outdoor lights, you can brighten your parking and garden area and they can provide you with the security also. During the night, you cannot see anything in your outdoor areas clearly and if you install some LED or commercial lights at your outdoor area, then you can protect your property from the intruders. Even the CCTV that gets installed in your outdoor area, can easily capture the movement of the intruders under these light poles.

Outdoor light pole

Outdoor light pole

Why would you install or update the outdoor light pole?

If you check then will see that the lighting controls at almost all the outdoor parking area are outdated or are not in very good shape.

  • They needed to be updated but how. What things one needs to consider while updating the controlling system of the outdoor light poles in parking.
  • Those high-pressure sodium lights are not the things in the current world. Now there are the variety of lighting options available which allows you to save electricity.
  • Nowadays everyone knows that the most famous LED lights have a lot more to offer to the outdoor as well as indoor areas. They offer better lighting, better colors, more durability and efficiency than the olden type of lights; however, are you smart enough to realize these facts. If yes then certainly you need help to upgrade those old outdoor light poles in to the latest and updated technology.

Things to consider when you install the outdoor light poles: Something intelligent

Lights are not getting intelligent but the technology is advancing, hence the controlling system of these lightings is getting intelligent. This advancement in technology means that the owners of the area with lighting set-up have more control on the working of these lights. They are easy to handle and install. Normally the sensor installed near the outdoor light poles works automatically; still the overall control of the sensors as well as the lights is under your control.

Commercial outdoor light pole

Commercial outdoor light pole

# Sensors or manual lighting control

Well the type of switching you use depends upon the area where you are using it. For example, in the case of parking areas, the need of light is necessary always, automatic switching off the lights in the parking area can be dangerous for the by passers. On the other hand, the automatic sensing lights switch off automatically when there is no one around, so these lights are pretty good for indoor areas. So, when there is no one around the light can stay off and the electricity can be saved.

# Bi-level lighting

Bi- level lighting is the new type of lighting set-up available for the outdoor light poles for parking. This type of lighting has the feature where as soon as the sky starts getting dark they will switch on and when the light in the sky starts appearing again then the lights will automatically shut off. It is the customization in the features of sensor lights.

The main function of parking lights is to offer safety to those who has parked the cars there and who is passing from the area. With sensor lights, it is not possible so the bi-level lighting will save energy as well as offer the flexibility in the control.


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