How to Find the Right Mechanic for The Transmission Box

Automotive transmission box is that part of the machine which transfers the engine power to the vehicle wheels through the drive axle using different gears. Transmission box has many gears and moving parts that contact with each other under heavy stress, friction, high speed, and heat. To keep the transmission gear under optimum performance, there is a need for high quality transmission box fluid. Any compromise on the quality or quantity of fluid will affect the moving parts and if left unattended to severe malfunctioning of the transmission box. Since issues like transmission box oil leak are not easily noticeable, most drivers notice this problem very late. The problem with transmission box is that the parts and components are fitted to precision position and even a minor shift or gap can compromise on performance, leading to increased sound, heat, vibration, and eventual breakdown.

Transmission Box

Transmission Box

Find the Mechanic for the Transmission Box

The mechanism of the transmission box varies from model to model for the same manufacturer and the different manufacturers will have different systems and technologies. Therefore, to repair the transmission box, the mechanic must be an expert who has in-depth knowledge of every part and mechanism of the transmission box of that particular model. Unfortunately, all workshops or service centers may not have mechanics who are experts in all models. Moreover, the latest transmission boxes are more complex and it is not easy to repair them at local workshops. Therefore, you should rely either on workshops who have experts in repairing a particular model or they should go in for the safest bet, which is transmission replacement.

There are many spare parts manufacturers who are specialized in making transmission boxes of specific models. Some of these companies are authorized manufactures of specific spare parts. The advantage of procuring transmission box from such specialist companies is that their parts and assembly of them will be almost as perfect in quality and performance as the original manufacturer. Moreover, latest high performance car owners need not worry about the workmanship of the mechanic if the transmission box is repaired, especially since all spare parts of latest vehicles will not be available locally.



Transmission replacement is a costly affair and can be avoided by keeping an eye on oil stains in your garage and noticing any difference in the smoothness while shifting gears. These could be an indication of transmission box fluid level going below required mark due to leaks in areas of the pan gasket or axle seal leak.

If your car has run quite a long distance, then it is advisable to undertake a transmission fluid flush which will clear out the old fluid and replace it with new oil making the lubrication better. If it’s done routinely it can prevent the need for transmission replacement or repair as it ensures removal of any metallic debris from any wear and tears as well remove the fluid which has become thicker in consistency due to the accumulation of carbon. Rebuilding a transmission box may cost approximately $2,800 to $3,800, where as replacement can cost from $4,000 to almost $8,000. Some service centers offer remanufactured transmission using parts of old or crashed cars, which may not be as costly as replacing with a new one. However, the cost of a remanufactured transmission will vary depending on how much of new components and machine work had gone into making the remanufactured box.


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