What Types of Hot Water Systems are There and How to Go for Hot Water Service and Installation?

Water is the base of life. We need it is some or the other form from our waking moment to till we sleep. Due to the weather conditions, how water is one of the most important living needs in some parts of the world. Running hot water is no longer a luxury.

Water heating is a thermodynamic process that uses an energy source to heat water above its initial temperature. Hot water is used for:

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Bathing
  • Heating a living space

Earlier and largely even today water is heated in water heaters, kettles, cauldrons, pots, or coppers. However, slowly water-heating systems have evolved. There are multiple forms of hot water systems like the boilers and the hydronic floor heating systems, which keep the rooms, cool during winter.

Hot Water Heater System

Hot Water Heater System

Which Hot Water System One to Install?

# The Things to Look at Before Identifying the Right Hot Water Service and Installation:

  • Number of members in a household and how much water they need?
  • Place where you live. For eg. Is there enough sunlight in your area?
  • Climate: is it sunny round the year?
  • Surrounding area: how much space do you have to install a system?
  • Budgeting: How much can you spend in purchasing and installing.
  • Energy bills: while spending on a system it is important to consider this as the savings made on energy bills is a long-term effect.
  • Warranty on the system and what all it covers.
  • Cost of installation and after sales service.
  • Environment friendly

# Identifying the Right System

There are two basic types of hot water systems

  • Storage water heaters heat and store water in an insulated tank for use when it is needed.
  • Instantaneous systems (or continuous flow systems) only heat water when it is needed and don’t use a storage tank.

# Storage Water Heater Systems:

These are the conventional systems and are popular until date. It offers ready reservoir of water, which flows to the hot water tap when turned on. They can use any of the following technologies

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Solar
  • Heat pump

# Instantaneous Water Heater Systems:

This system heats water instantaneously while the water is flowing through the devise and do not retain water except for what is in the heat coil. They can be installed through the household at more than one point of use or large centralized systems may still be used. The main advantage is continuous flow of hot water. However, the cost of initial installation is high.

# Types of Tank Less Heaters:

  • POU Tank Less Type: Independent heaters can be installed at various point of contact at a central heater
  • Combination Boilers: Combines the central heating with domestic hot water.
  • Hybrid Tank Less Water Heater: A hybrid water heater combines tank type with the tank less It helps in maintaining water pressure and constant supply of hot water at multiple POC

# Installation of The Heater System:

Proper installation and maintenance water heater can optimize its energy efficiency.

This depends on many factors:

  • Fuel type
  • Climate
  • Local building code requirements
hot Water Heater Service

hot Water Heater Service

# Things to Take Care While Selecting a Contractor:

  • Request cost estimates in writing
  • Ask for references
  • Check the company with your local Better Business Bureau
  • See if the company will obtain a local permit if necessary and understands local building codes.

Therefore, if you follow all the above points and choose a well-certified and reputed hot water installation and service agency, then you will not have any problem in getting hot water in all your rooms during winter. It is also advisable to go for a yearly or half-yearly contract with the service professionals to get the maintenance of the system done perfectly. 


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