5 Points To Remember When Choosing a Professional Emergency Plumber Service

Emergency Plumber Service

Emergency Plumber Service

A common problem that most homeowners face is the need to desperately search and hire a plumber after a plumbing emergency occurs. Not only is it a stressful situation for all parties, but also a situation where homeowners make a mistake of choosing a bad plumbing service due to the stress. Some plumbing emergencies are serious and dangerous as they are not expected well in advance. Choosing the right professional emergency plumber service in the middle of an emergency can drive a homeowner to panic. During such situations, knowing beforehand what to do to choose the right emergency plumber service can help to save time, money and ensure the repairs are done right.



  1. Licensed Plumbing Services:
    The first thing to check before hiring an emergency plumber service is their license. It is mandatory in all the states for plumbers to be licensed as inadequate or wrong plumbing can pose health risk for the occupants. A plumbing license can be obtained only after passing a major exam after years of schooling. So check the plumber’s license in person as well as on the website of the state to make sure the emergency plumber service has credentials to do professional work.
  1. Adequate Liability Insurance:
    Homeowners should also check whether the plumbing service they are hiring has liability insurance. Ask the plumber to show the proof of liability insurance with a certificate that has their name and information printed on it. Liability insurance can cover a homeowner regarding plumbing work if things go wrong or if the plumbing company goes out of business in the future. To protect your finances, check for the proof of liability insurance.
  1. Insurance for Employees:
    Another requirement is that each employee of the plumbing company should be adequately insured. This is also known as worker’s compensation. Plumbing requires work with tools that can cause bodily harm or materials or waste that can pose a health risk. If the plumbing company does not have insurance for their workers, then homeowners need to foot the bill if a plumber gets injured at their property. Ask for proof of worker’s compensation before you hire an emergency plumber service.
  1. Reliability:
    There is no point in hiring an emergency plumber service if they do not offer emergency service 24/7. First ask for their hours of operation and choose someone who works 24/7. Also, make sure they are locally situated as it saves time to reach you in case of a plumbing emergency. Another thing to check is whether the plumbing service offers adequate customer service options such as phone service, email service, voice mail service and so on. It is important for you to get in touch with the plumber service to ask for emergency help. Also, remember that if a plumbing company offers emergency services, the charges will be high during the night or on a weekend.
  1. Specialty and Quotes:
    Not all plumbers offer all types of services. Some plumbers specialize in specific fields such as boiler installation, bathroom renovation and repair, drainage system or hot water system. So check or ask for the area of expertise of the plumbing company. For an emergency, the plumbing service should be able to offer all types of services. Ask quotes before hiring or choosing an emergency plumber service. Professional plumbers do not come cheap as plumbing parts and service are expensive. Do not immediately choose the company that gives you the lowest quote. Check for the average rate for plumbers in your area or community. For large scale jobs, professional plumbers may offer a fixed rate depending on the type of job.


Keeping all these points in mind can help you to choose a reliable and right emergency plumber service.


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