Decorative Spray Paving – Keeps your Concrete Floors Everlasting!

Concrete surfaces are always vulnerable to cracks, breaking, and other related damages. The usual options to repair a damaged concrete surface are either to break up the old one and apply new slabs or apply new concrete to that surface. Either way, it is quite cumbersome as one need to spend lots of money on labor and materials, time, and effort. This is the convenient and the cost-effective solution to modernize any concrete surface come into the picture is– Decorative Spray Paving!

What is Decorative Spray Paving?

Decorative spray paving, in simple terms, is applying or spraying a concrete base mix over existing concrete. In other terms, it is refurbishing the old concrete surfaces. The concrete base used for spray paving is made up of sand, lime, cement, and some other chemical combinations. In short, Decorative Spray paving provide an easy and economical solution for restoration of old and damaged concrete.

Decorative Spray Paving can be used for rejuvenating floors and other concrete surfaces of factory floors, poolside, stairs, driveways, patios, garages, restaurants, etc. Decorative Spray Paving experts use the above-mentioned mix that not only adheres to the old concrete permanently, but provide a new, refreshing appearance to the floor.

Decorative Spray Paving

Decorative Spray Paving

Benefits of Decorative Spray Paving

More than just convenience, decorative spray paving has several benefits, of which some are given below:

  • Cost Benefits: Compared to applying new concrete or replacing the damaged ones, spray paving is cost effective, as the application as well as maintenance cost is very low.
  • Durability: Unlike solvent-based normal paints, Spray Paving paints are polymer cementitious coating systems. Normal paints trap moisture in the concrete, which leads to bubbling and flaking wherein Decorative Spray Paving paints will never peel off or flake.
  • Anti-Skidding: Spray paving paints are made up of specific combinations, which are having a textured finish.  This textured finish, along with the combination of chemicals helps the surface to remain slip-resistant.
  • Easy Maintenance:  Normally, in all works of Decorative Spray Paving, a clear coat of sealer would be applied, which is resistant to petrol and other related solvents. Hence, any type of oil and greasy stains can be easily washed away from the surface. This helps the surface to look new and clean always, without any additional costs.
  • Attractive Designs: Decorative Spray Paving services are available in different colors, patterns, and designs, which help the area, look aesthetically attractive.
  • Low Maintenance Cost:  Since, decorative spray paving is crack, stain, oil, grease, and mildew resistant, the requirement of frequent maintenance is very remote. This would help to save money on maintenance cost.
Decorative Spray Paving Expert

Decorative Spray Paving Expert

Steps in Decorative Spray Paving

Following are the important steps for Decorative Spray Paving.

  1. All the wood, cement, and other structures attached to and surrounding the work area are marked using adhesive and plastic tapes. This will prevent staining of these structures due to spillage or splattering.
  2. The work area is cleansed using high-pressure jet water spray, chemical treatments, and stiff broom in order to make it free of loose concrete debris, dust, and molds filled in the pores and other joints.
  3. The entire surface will be coated with a high-quality primer.
  4. Using squeegee, spray, or trowel-on method, a color base coat, which represents the grout line, is applied uniformly and evenly.
  5. Once the base coat is dried, Stencil Pattern Matrix or filament tape is applied.
  6. After fixing the patterns, two surface coats are applied using hopper-gun spray compressor, by spraying in a circular motion.
  7. In order to get a decorative color contrast and effect, hazed color tones and flecked features are added.
  8. Once the coatings are dried, the filament tapes or the stencil pattern matrix is removed.
  9. The area is then made free of debris, chips, and uneven wedges using the high-power blower.
  10. One or two coats of Clear Sealing Compound are applied, so the surface will glow and becomes the stain, oil, and grease resistant.

Hence, decorative spray paving is an effective method to keep your concrete floor stylish and long lasting.


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