Select the Right Type of Double Glazing Doors for Your Home

If you are building a new home or if you are giving it a makeover, doors should receive equal consideration as other parts of the interior. Given the benefits of double glazing doors, it would be only right to pick them, even if they are slightly more expensive to start with. The benefits far outweigh the costs.

Why Double Glazed?

This is a question one may well ask because double glazing means double the cost of glass. The reasons are two fold:

  • Double glazing provides acoustic insulation. Noise does not enter your home and you can enjoy peaceful quiet.
  • Double glazing doors act as a thermal barrier and prevent heat from outside entering the home and also interior heat from dissipating to the exterior. You save on energy bills.
  • Plus, double glazing doors may be safer and look more solid in comparison to single panes that can appear flimsy.

These are convincing enough reasons to pick double-glazing doors. Go into details and you can fine tune your selection.

Double Glazing Doors

Double Glazing Doors


Glass is at the heart of double-glazing doors. You have choices ranging from low priced to high quality, high price.

  • Float glass is the simplest and plainest glass material for glazing doors. Good quality glass, if made from lead glass in preference to soda glass, is whiter, more transparent and with a lovely, clear look. However, plain glass can shatter and shards can be dangerous.
  • Tinted glass is another option and can color an interior with a lovely shade.
  • Metallic reflective coated glass is another option for double-glazing glass doors, especially on the outer glaze since the metallic reflective coating reflects light and heat and keeps interiors cooler. Metallic reflective glass may be available in plain type or in tinted types.
  • Toughened and laminated glass should be your choice. Toughened glass will not break into shards but it will disintegrate into small pieces. If you use toughened and laminated glass, then the glass will not shatter since the lamination will hold glass together.

Double glazing simply means putting two pieces separated by an air gap. Better double glazed doors are crafted with care and the gap is filled with argon gas and sealed for better insulation properties.

Now that choice of glass is clear you can proceed to picking the right material for the frame.

Double Glazing Aluminium Door

Double Glazing Aluminium Door


Frame materials can be made out of a variety of materials. You can pick materials to go with existing materials of windows and general décor of the house or just use the material type for different standout looks.

  • Aluminum sections are popular since they are lightweight and the slim profile provides a beautiful look.
  • Steel is strong and enables the use of slimmer profiles. Powder coated steel frames last a long time but may require maintenance.
  • Wood can be even more elegant because it can be finished in different ways and polished to perfection.
  • UPVC is another option for low cost and long life. It is available in natural wood grain textures and also in various colours.
  • Fiberglass can be strong and durable and it is available in various colours.

Door Styles

Double glazing doors can be made in different styles. You can select one to suit your taste or to match the style of your home.

  • Bifold doors are growing in popularity, especially when the opening is larger. They are neat and look great.
  • French style doors retain their elegance and you can close them shut to provide sound and heat insulation or throw them wide open to let in fresh air when you like.
  • Sliding doors are always a good choice. Two or three sections look wonderful as frontage or for the back of your home for a lovely view of the garden.

Install them and experience greater comfort in the way the double glazing doors provide acoustic and thermal insulation. As an aside, one must say these doors also add to the value of your property. By installing double glazing doors, you are also indirectly helping in reducing green house gas emissions.


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