Cool Lift Designs and Ideas for Home

Having Lifts for homes is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury, as building designers are having to factor the needs and sensitivities of women, elderly, and children. Lifts for homes are of course also very convenient to move across multiple floors in your residence. There are so many different kinds of elevator designs available for homes now. If you have a home that has different levels, be it basement or higher than one floor, lifts for home can be incorporated into your design style. The idea is to have these designed as per the theme of the house. So there is the option of customization or even going for something that is readily available.

Compact home lift

Compact home lift

Here Are Some Ideas to Take from:

  • Budget-friendly ready to fit
    These ready to fit lifts are budget-friendly and economical because they are designed to fit standard homes without much fuss. Not only are they stylish and trendy but they are also quite efficient. You should remember that these designs are not going to be quite the same as your commercial designs that close easily, yet they can be close to what you see in malls and public places.
  • Open Lifts
    These lifts for homes are based on the concept of open designs and thus more suited for floors not more than 1-2 levels. Technically these are open lifts where you can actually put your hand out. These are not suggested for homes that have kids because of the risks, although as an alternative here would be to have a higher balustrade made from wood or glass to prevent such accidents. Open lifts bring a sense of warmth and coziness, contrary to commercial designs.
  • Glass Lifts
    The glass lifts for homes are quite different from the ones that you see in commercial spaces. This design gives you ample room for customization. So there are so many options to choose from like etched glass, painted glass, tinted glass, etc. These glass lifts are usually covered and can be open from one side or have gates too. Alongside there are a lot of other combinations that you can opt here too.
  • Wooden Lifts
    This is one of the classic designs for lifts for home that has been around for decades now. There are beautifully carved options or modern or geometric designs available too. In fact, you can take a pick from a variety of designs. With wood there is a combination of options available. You can go for wood with steel or wood with glass or just an open or semi-open style of lift that meets your requirements. Along with this, if you want to done the vintage style, then you can consider getting something with classic gates or wrought iron too that adds to your home decor.
  • Metal Lifts
    There are plenty of metal lift options available too. These lifts for homes come in different kinds of metals that includes stainless steel, aluminum, and even a combination of other metals. These are again combined with a variety of other materials like wood and glass. Steel is not generally used in lifts for homes as it gives a cold look to the ambience.

Some of The Other Options to Decorate Your Home Lift Include

Add a painting inside or do up the glass of the lift for home with some hand paint. It can be abstract or something more ethnic. Alongside, you can hang pictures, set up artifacts or even do up the flooring of your lifts. This includes marble, tiles, etc. You can also go for wood too.

Make sure that the aesthetics of the lift are decorative and also in compliance with technology as you don’t want to have a drab lift in the house that is not functional.

So keep these little ideas in the mind when decorating your lifts for homes.


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