All you want to know about the Best Water Colour Tattoos

Tattoos have evolved to be a fashionable body art that people love to have as a medium to express that deepest feelings. They are created in a wide range of styles and shapes based on client perspective so that it can turn out to be their priced possession. With its growing popularity, there are several trends that have made their way and the best Water Colour Tattoos is amongst them.

Best Water Colour Tattoo Artist

Best Water Colour Tattoo Artist

What Are Water Colour Tattoos?
Watercolor or painterly tattoos are an artistic technique of applying tattoos with gradation of colors as seen in paintings. A simple difference between these tattoos and traditional ones is that the Water Colour Tattoos do not have any sort of outline, while the basic structure of an old school tattoo is the outline. There are many principles that are used in making of such tattoos including blur, shades, bleeds and shades on typical subjects like birds, flowers, feathers or brush strokes.

Water Colour Tattoos

Water Colour Tattoos

Facts about Water Colour Tattoos
Since it is relatively a new tattooing technique, there are many facts about it that you may not be aware of and some of this includes:

  • Water Colour Tattoos do not hurt as much as Traditional Tattoos: The method used for creating best Water Colour Tattoos is different compared to traditional tattoos. But still, it requires needle so that the color can be injected on the epidermis of your skin. Though this acts like a painting brush yet the pain that you experience will be less than traditional ones.
  • Artistic Creation: Though both the styles of tattoos can depict emotion at its best, but Water Colour Tattoos showcase delicate look with a perfect balance of artistic skill. This is the reason why the vibe that you get from them is different, as they are more on the fragile side. Thus, it can be taken as a form of art that has been beautifully painted on your body.
  • Lifespan of Water Colour Tattoo is less: The only drawback of Water Colour Tattoos is that their lifespan is less than traditional tattoos. However, by less it means that it is going to stay on your body for a period of at least 20 years, after which it may require touch-ups or solid coloring. A good way to ensure that it does not fade faster is to add black color as this brings the perfect amount of pigments to the water color.
  • Unlimited Shades of Color in Water Colour Tattoos: Another amazing aspect about the best Water Colour Tattoos is that you can get as many shades of color as you want, in order to give a beautiful finish to it. Just think about the picture that you want to have and then decide the colors that will be ideal for it.


How to Prevent Fading of Water Tattoos?
As mentioned earlier, water tattoos fade away quickly; however, there are certain steps you need to take in order to slow down this process. The first step is to go for a splash of pigmentation by mixing black. This will ensure that the tattoo looks at its best for years to come. Next, do remember that gaining or losing weight can affect the quality of best water tattoos and thus avoiding it can yet again be favorable for its lifespan.

At last, you need to also make sure that you count on the services of a professional tattoo artist who specializes in Water Colour Tattoos and is able to offer the style and designs that you always wanted to engrave on your body.


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