How to Choose the Right Female Incontinence Pads?

The incontinence pads are ultra-absorbent pads which are similar to period pads. They are meant for preventing odor and absorb leaks to keep the skin dry and ensure that the wearer is relieved from embarrassment. This is the reason why they have the ability to improve the life for those who are a victim of urinary incontinence by protecting their health and self-esteem.

The problem is there are many women who are unable to get the right amount of protection only because of the fact that they tend to choose the traditional menstrual pads over female incontinence pads. This is a major issue because the menstrual or period pads are meant for different needs and thus they are not such a good option for keeping urine away from the skin and remain wet throughout, leading to skin irritation and yeast infection. Further, it feels terribly uncomfortable to wear such pads which again cause a sense of embarrassment.

Female Incontinence Pads

Female Incontinence Pads

Why Do Women Select The Period Pads Over Incontinence Pads?

A common question that might come to your mind is why do women choose the period pads compared to something that is apparently designed for incontinence? Well, the reasons are many and some of them are:

  • Many people often get embarrassed about it and prefer to buy period pads so that they are not suspected about the same.
  • Women are commonly familiar with the period pads
  • There are many who are not aware that female incontinence pads will work way better when compared to the traditional pads.
Incontinence Pads

Incontinence Pads

The Choice for the Right Incontinence Pads – Why Does It Matter?

Identifying the right pad is of utmost importance, as every variant of these pads are not created equally. The researchers have performed a series of tests on them and have noticed that these pads are better performers than menstrual pads, but their performance is based on brands and of course the cost. The panty liners and light pads are best for small leaks, while for large leaks it is essential to count on ultra-plus or extra absorbent pads.

When looking for the right female incontinence pads you need to understand:

  • Level of Incontinence: If there is light to moderate release then you can consider counting on the light variants but if there is heavier release of bladder in the day-time then discovering a high absorbent pad is essential. Therefore, the first step is to determine the level of incontinence and then search for the products according to that. Further, to help you out, the incontinence level or the volumes of leak that can be handled by the pads are mentioned on the products.
  • The Appropriate Size of Pads: You have to choose the pads according to your body structure. Measure around the hips and waist and then select at least one size larger when opting for the ideal size. Remember, identifying the appropriate size is as important as knowing about your level of incontinence because if the size of the pad is too small then it will not be able to serve its purpose, while if the female incontinence pads are too large then it can turn out to be quite uncomfortable.
  • Discovering the Right Products: Incontinence pads are designed for both males and females and some companies even come up with unisex pads. Therefore, consider each and every detail of the product, the features that it offers and then choose the right one. In addition to that when choosing the product you can even select it according to the level of incontinence. This will ensure that you remain protected and free from embarrassment for a long period of time.


So consider these factors and choose the right female incontinence pads for yourself or your loved ones!


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