Factors Considered Before Buying a Ceiling Rose

The ceiling centers also called as ceiling roses are now back in fashion and style statement they tend to make. These tend to provide an attractive finish to the light fittings. It is convenient to replace an old ceiling rose or also opt for a new one for your home. All that is required for this is planning it beforehand so that there are no problems faced and you can also save on some money. This installation is simple and can also be DIY if thought of before the renovation of a home. You can be assured of a neat and beautiful home once you have considered the style, placement and the delivery time of these plaster ceiling roses.

ceiling roses

ceiling roses

How to choose Ceiling Roses


As these are available in different sizes, the proportion needs to be appropriate not only to the height of the ceiling but also the size of the room. Homes which have low ceilings can safely opt for these roses which are smaller in size so that they can blend well and not stick out like a sore thumb. Houses with high ceilings can be adventurous and look for bigger roses. Talking about the living room which is delicately decorated, smaller roses tend to work well, while a room with strong furniture can have a bigger ceiling rose.


There was a time when these ceiling roses were only used for the center of the ceiling, but not anymore. Before you plan to have this elsewhere you need to make sure that the lighting cable is placed exactly where you plan to have this ceiling rose. This can be done if the electrician is notified beforehand. As mentioned earlier, the sooner you plan the placing of the ceiling rose the better it works out, not only for your home but also those working on the renovation or the building of your home. If you need this rose to be placed in the traditional style you need to ensure that there is enough support to hang the chosen chandelier. You might require an additional wooden brace for this.

Different Styles:

You have a wide range of options where the styles of these ceiling roses are concerned, like, you can think of the huge ornate ones, flat and plain circles and more. To make the right choice you need to consider the interior décor of your home. As there is a large variety available you are sure to find one which is suitable for your existing home décor. In case you have a ceiling with no prior plasterwork, you can choose from the different styles in accordance to the architecture of your home.

How is a Ceiling Rose Placed?

Ceiling roses should not only be plastered to the ceiling but also screwed to the specific joists. You find few ceilings on the flatter side, which is why the edge of the ceiling rose needs to be filled up, not overlooking the screw holes. Casting plaster offers a neat finish. In case of disconnecting or connecting a light fitting you need to take the professional help of an electrician.

Choosing and placing a Ceiling Rose

These roses are generally made on order which can take some time. It is advisable to make the choice of the style, design and size before so that you can have this delivered on time. Having this onsite when the contractor requires it can save you from any additional costs or delays. You need to be aware that these ceiling roses are delicate and can get cracked if left unattended when any renovation work is going on in your home. Make sure to place them carefully so that they are intact when you are ready to use it in your interior space.


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