Get to Know about Basic Tools and Accessories of Electricians

Every professional working in the field of electrical, construction, plumbing etc. need some kind of tools. The right tools help in doing the job properly and effectively without a lot of trouble. Some electrical accessories & installation tools are needed by all electricians and contractors while building new structures or renovating old ones. Even homeowners must possess these basic tools and accessories that come in handy while installing or fixing wires or fixtures. They can get a tool box with functional, diagnostic and safety tools for the purpose and keep them with more advance and expensive tools. These tools can be easily available at any hardware stores, home stores or these can be purchased online.

Conduit Security

Conduit Security

Some Basic Tools in The Tool Box

All the accessories & installation tools in the tool box can be broadly categorized into functional, diagnostic and safety tools. These are basic tools which any homeowner, electrician or any other professional can have.

  • Functional tools

Variety of tools including the power tools like electrical cords, air compressors etc. are some functional tools which an electrician can have. Apart from them the basic tools can be:

  1. Screwdrivers are the most common type of tool that any homeowner and electrician must have. It is used to drive the screws to plates, walls, ceiling, electrical fixtures, boxes etc. You can find manual, power and even cordless small screwdriver for the tool box.
  2. Hammer is yet another general tool that is useful in many situations. Flat head with claw of different sizes like large or small and even power hammer can be kept.
  3. Pliers and wrenches are used for various electrical works for manipulating nuts, bolts and wires. To loosen the nuts, you need wrenches like grip wrench. Pliers of different sizes, lengths and grip heads can be found.
  4. Cutting tools like wire cutters, wire strippers, power saw, small hacksaw etc. can be use to cut through wires or even walls.
  • Diagnostic tools

These are important to diagnose the actual condition so that safety can be assured. Some of the basic tools are:

  1. Measuring tools of various types like stud finder for finding the beams in the walls, level to understand the straightness and tape measure can be found in the tool box.
  2. Wire testers of different kinds can be present in the tool box of electrician to find if the power is on or not. Voltage detector to understand the wire is live or not, continuity tester to identify malfunctioning fuses, switches and circuits and underground wire cable detector or wire tracer to find certain wires are some other common tools in this section.
  • Safety Tools

For the safety of the person working as well as the creating a safe surrounding to work, some safety tools are must. Some of them are:

  1. Ladder made out of non-conduction metals, fiberglass or wood can be kept for basic use to fix wires high above the ground.
  2. Lights including small or large flashlights, head-mounted lights etc. must be used in the dim areas for better visibility. It removes the risk of falling from poor lighting.
  3. Personal protective gear including gloves, work shoes with rubber soles, safety glasses, and hard head gear must be worn by electrician to save themselves from shock or other external injuries.
  • Electrical accessories

The electricians need all kinds of accessories & installation tools to work. Along with the basic tools, they also need some basic accessories. Tool box is one such accessory which is very important to store all the tools and equipment. Apart from the box, the electrician needs a pouch worn around the waist or put over the shoulder called the tool belt. Colored electrical tapes, shouldering iron or staple gun, extension wires, putty knife, and extra batteries are some other basic accessories.


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