Some Fundamental Information about Verandahs

A verandah is the most comfortable and elegant space in your house that can be roofed or an open air gallery. Verandah can be partly enclosed by railings and usually it extends across the front or sides of a building. The wide range of verandah designs adds to aesthetic value of the building and increases its worth. Generally, they are external structures aligned to the building. Verandahs are usually the entry and exit point of a house and thus impart the first impression about the house.

Verandahs Design

Verandahs Design

Types of Verandah Design

A wide range of verandah designs are available in the market today and so the homeowners can choose suitable one according to the structure, budget and taste they prefer. Usually, the type of verandah is chosen according to the space available. Different houses require different types of shade structure. The different types of verandahs are explained below.

  • Gable Verandah: Usually pitched houses tend to have gable verandahs. Usually, a gable has a roof that is high pitched and it makes the entrance of the house look different from the rest of the house.
  • Flat Verandah: Usually, the flat ones have a roof made of concrete slab. It is best suited for rainy areas where water drainage can be a major issue.
  • Pergola Verandah: These verandahs are used to create a cover for the space outside rooms where you prefer to sit. Here the timber or steel slaps run parallel to the wall. The pergola members are quite light in weight and so these are easy to install.
  • Transparent Verandah: Here glass or flexible polycarbonate materials are mixed together with steel frames and these provide comfortable shade. They are usually used in the entrance of several buildings to give a shade.
  • Sunroof: These are used to keep the sun away and are suitable for hot and humid countries.
  • Gazebo: It adds appeal to open air areas. It can also be built as a free standing structure and usually has the best design and texture. They are available in several shapes such as squares and octagon and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Curved: This design adds beauty to the outdoor living area and tends to make a convex canopy by curved, clean and smooth lines. It is also known as bull nose verandah. It can be combined with several other verandah structures.

Advantages of Verandah

There are several advantages of installing verandahs once you choose from the range of verandah designs. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • Sustainability: Verandah has the ability to cool the indoors without actually investing in any cooling system. It creates a shelter from the scorching sun and this tends to also help you reduce your utility bills. A verandah is the best option for cooling indoors without investing in any external device.
  • Aesthetic: A wrap around verandah increases the aesthetic value as well as property value of the building. A verandah of any style does increase the beauty of the exterior of the house.
  • Entertainment: A wide verandah aligned with the house is perfect for holding parties and barbeques to be held. It also allows you to take shelter indoors along with providing the option of enjoying the party.
  • Value: A house with verandah would surely be preferred by buyers rather than a normal building. It increases the resale value of the building to a great extent. Along with giving the house a calm and cozy atmosphere at times it also functions as an extra room.
  • Space: Some need personal space especially when a child grows up. It gives the teenagers a sense of growing up and this is what a well selected verandah can provide.

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