Get Some Information On Traditional Tattoos

From ancient times till date, tattoos have always been a way to express the person’s beliefs and thoughts, on the body and its craze has never decreased. Tribal people from all over the world have drawn and are still inking tattoos that depict the strength and importance of the tribe. Today people from all strata of the society get their bodies tattoo with pictures, writings and symbols.

Tattoo Artists

Tattoo Artists

Old school tattoos are traditional style of America and Europe which follow a specific pattern. The designs were graphical with usually bright colors and bold black outlines. All symbols and pictures used had some inner meanings. The sailors were superstitious and hence the first to restore them to depict their nature. The popularity still holds today with the dedication of some traditional tattoos expert.


From thousands of years the traditional tattoos have been in craze among sailors, service men etc. Each tattoo represents an inner meaning and stands for a specific statement. Some popular tattoos which the expert still makes are:

  • Anchors:

Anchors symbolizes with stability especially for people who spend most of their time in sea and are very popular till date among mass. Many sailors used to ink the name of the closest person along the anchor to remind them of being steady.

  • Swallows:

Swallows migrate and return back home after the winters. Thus those tattoos remind them that they will return back to their homes soon. It is also believed that when sailors die their birds carry soul to the heaven.

  • Dragons:

Dragons are Japanese inspired tattoo which Jerry, a tattoo master from west had drawn for the first time.

  • Snakes:

Snakes especially king cobra was pretty popular. The snakes represented authority and strength which keeps away every wrong and evil.

  • Death:

Inking on the body is one permanent decision that stays till you die. This concept had made the death tattoo very trendy in the old days among the sailors.

  • Military:

The job is the most important thing for any person especially for service man. Hence military arts that depicted the ship, flight crew or platoon the man belonged were also in demand.

  • Nautical Star:

North Star is one thing that sailors depend on for navigation so that they can return home. Hence it is considered very important for a sailor and so big in those days.

Custom Tattoos

Custom Tattoos


A good tattoo artist must be creative, with experience and high ability. The able artists are experienced and must have done apprenticeship from registered studio. The scratchers are the ones who are neither trained nor have any apprenticeship from any studio. It is not right to rely on scratchers for any kind of tattoos including the traditional ones. When it comes to traditional tattoo, the artist must have few things like:

  • The artist must have very good machine knowledge.
  • The artist should be great on ideas that they need for creating the tattoos.
  • They must have their own style of creating art.
  • They must be able to draw brave and clear lines in the tattoos.
  • The artist should have the knowledge about the colors and the assortment they are going to use.

It is important to look for traditional tattoos expert for the job because tattooing is one permanent decision that you will have to carry till death. There are no or very less chances of redoing the tattoo that goes wrong. Hence, it is vital to look for the right people and perfect tattoo to be engraved on your body.


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