Different Material for Outdoor Living Patios

Outdoor living patios work out as a comfortable living place where you can relax on those days which have left you tired and you need to unwind a wee bit. Before you plan a patio, you need to consider the materials you would like to use for the paving besides the furniture required. You could take the help of an experienced professional designer if you are willing to spend a little extra. This works out to be a worthwhile investment as you will use this patio for a long time.

Patio designs

Patio designs

Considering the design:

In your planning phase, you need to decide whether you want your outdoor living patios’ design to be a reflection of the indoors or do you want it to be a unique living space. If you want to blend the design with the interiors, it is essential to choose furniture that matches the interior design and is water-proof and weather resistant. The furniture needs to be sturdy and robust so that it does not buckle down with any sort of pressure. The lighting of the outdoor area is another requirement you will have to plan out. You can think of portable lamps which work out convenient instead of permanent light fixtures. You can think of adding cushions, pillows and rugs to give the patio a cozy look and feel.

Options for Patio’s Material:

There are multiple choices available in materials that you can use for outdoor living patios. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Flagstone or Natural Stone:
    If you want your patio to blend with the outdoors, opt for natural stone that gives the patio a natural look and is always an ‘in’ thing. It is long lasting and tends to blend well with any type of furniture. Even in natural stones, there is a wide range of choices available, such as limestone, flagstone, bluestone or slate. This might work out a little expensive as natural stone is quarried and needs to be trucked, which tends to add to the transportation cost. Installation is another expense you need to think of as this is elaborate and can be done only by experienced professionals.
  • Concrete:
    A plain slab of concrete might not offer the look you desire. If you intend opting for this it is better to opt for a stamped pattern that has been colored, offering a natural look. Maintenance will be required as the coating needs to be re-applied after a time span of 2 years. You might also face the problem of cracks being formed in the areas which are frequently used.
  • Brick:
    Brick can add to the charm of a living space but due to maintenance issues it seems to be a less popular choice among homeowners. As this material is porous, it tends to retain moisture and also develops unnecessary cracks. Besides this, you may also face the problem of moss growth in bricks which needs to be cleaned with a brush regularly.

Choosing furniture:

Furniture plays an important role in the design of outdoor living patios. Before you jump to the first eye-catching furniture, it is advisable to make a list of your requirements. You can use your patio as a basic area for sitting or relaxing, or you can even use it as a dining space. Plan your furniture depending on the requirement. Make sure the furniture you opt for is comfortable and stylish. Furniture for outdoor living patios can work ideal if you opt for materials like metal, cedar, teak or any other material which does not get affected with the different types of weather conditions. You can also think of storing the patio furniture in a garage or a basement during off-season so that it lasts longer.

Consider the above mentioned factors to bring together one of the best outdoor living patios that you are happy with, and relax with peace and comfort in your outdoor living patio with friends and family.


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