Plan You Vacation with the Best Motel Accommodations

Motels are popular choice around the globe for travelers. This word originated after World War II. Basically, it means an accommodation that comprises of a single building with a common parking. These are usually located on the long highways and with rising car travel; these motels grew in popularity in 1960’s. Motels are unlike hotels, they are low are rise construction and usually the indoor door faces the parking lot. The rising preference of travel through automobile raised the mobility of motels along the highways as motel could appear anywhere on the highway.

Best Motel Accommodation

Best Motel Accommodation

The motels are constructed mostly in “I”, “L”, or “U” shape that includes guest rooms, a small reception, an attached manager’s office, a small diner and a swimming pool.  The conventional outlook of motels still has handful of rooms. But with changing times, there have been modifications, additions and also a lot of transformations to this place.  The motel culture became widely popular with time as people refrained from travelling by public transport because travelling by automobile offered more convenience. Let us take a look at some of the benefits you can get from motel accommodations.

Motel Accommodation

Motel Accommodation

  1. Some travelers are apprehensive about staying the night in a motel due to the increased reports on criminal activities. However, with severe security norms and strict laws now the motels are a safe place for every traveler.
  2. The motel accommodations are available in cheaper rates when compared to the other options available. So if you are just another budget traveler with the good sleep criteria as the most important one then the motel accommodation is for you. So if you spend your night in a motel you will be able to stretch your dollar for other activities while on the vacation.
  3. The motels are usually smaller in size and are constructed to be comfortable place for you to spend your night. These have lesser rooms when compared to hotels and so in this way these are a safer place for the travelers to stay. Since there are lesser guests here, the staff is also able to provide personalized service to the guests.
  4. When you need to enter the lobby, go to the elevator or any other place it is quite easy as compared to the other hotels. Some of the motel rooms also have the option to provide you a garage of your own to mend your vehicle.
  5. Although you will not find a lot of other fancy stuff like an expensive shampoo or stuff like these, the motels provide you the option to have access of refrigerator, tea or coffee maker in your own room. This provision allows you to save on some of the snacks expenses while on a vacation.
  6. Not all of the motels allow pets, but still there are a lot of motels that allow pets in the rooms. This allows you to bring along your pet with you for a vacation. However, there are certain rules and regulations that they set for the pets to be allowed in the rooms and so you need to take care of these.


When you consider the above mentioned benefits it is only the benefits that you can get from the motels. So as long as you select your motel carefully after considering all the important factors like rules and regulation, security, facilities, cost, and so on, you can be sure to receive the best stay at the motels. The secret to a good and comfortable stay here is to research well about the available options for you in this regard.



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