Making the Right Choice of Fasteners Hollow Wall

Hollow Wall anchors are used where fixing a nail or a screw to the wall stud is impractical. These wall fasteners can be used to put up frames, paintings, mirrors or even curtain rods. These fasteners are specifically designed to attach to the hollow spaces in the walls between the studs. You have a large number of options. These hollow wall fasteners are available in different styles, sizes and specific ones for different types of walls, like plaster, dry wall or even a concrete block.

fasteners hollow wall

fasteners hollow wall

How to choose a Hollow Wall Fastener

The fastener hollow wall needs to be chosen by keeping in mind the thickness of the wall, what is going to be hung there and the weight of the load. Listed below are some hollow wall fasteners.

  • Hollow Wall Anchor: These are specifically designed for applications which are on the heaver side like shelves or paintings. These are available for different thickness of the walls. Drilling of a pilot hole is required before the installation and can be inserted either with a drill or a hammer. This anchor tends to expand providing a grip which is secure once the screw is tightened.
  • Expansion Anchor: This anchor is used for materials like brick, concrete, mortar or any such material which is sturdy. It provides a strong hold once inserted in the wall as the anchor spread tends to open up.
  • Toggle Bolt: This has wings which tend to lock behind the wall to hold in a strong manner. The wings need to be collapsed prior installation. This can be done by sliding the toggle into the hole in the wall. Once placed in a proper manner the wings need to be opened at the back of the dry wall and the screw tightened.
  • Plastic hollow wall plug: This works apt on plaster or dry wall for applications of a light duty. Once the hole is drilled, the screw needs to be drilled into place firmly. As compared to the other fasteners hollow wall tend to be the weakest. These work well when the force is perpendicular to the specific anchor.
  • Cement Board Screw: Works best in moist areas or on the exteriors. The thread of dual-depth provides the required hold.
  • Threaded Anchor: All that is required for the installation is a screw driver. This is available in die-cast metal, plastic, nylon or even coated with zinc. A pull-out is resisted by the threads besides which this can also be reused. With the choice between the different materials in this anchor it is advisable to opt for the metal ones which work out the strongest.
  • Winged Plastic Anchor:  Works well for not too heavy applications like hanging towel bars or probably holder for toilet rolls. The wings are spread with a special tool once inserted into the wall. It is important to take a lot of care when installing these anchors as they are made of plastic. If extra force is applied it can either collapse the wings or rip the screws off them. You need to apply not much pressure for the tightening of the screws as this can weaken the anchor.
hollow wall anchors

hollow wall anchors

Buying Fasteners Hollow Wall

You can easily shop for these online where you can find the display of the different wall fasteners along with detailed information. There are multiple online stores offering these, comparing the different prices will help you get a better deal. Before you plan on buying these make sure of your requirement and how these will be used and where. As mentioned earlier, different fasteners work well with different types of walls.


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