Know about Multifunctional Quality Ricoh Printers for the Business

Printers are essential for any business to start, develop and sustain. Every day you need to printer lots of important documents for different needs. Having a printer can help you get them easily. Today digital and multi-functional printers have come into the market with lot of benefits and help in the daily activity of the organization. You can do multi-activities with these printers and these are fast to increase the productivity of the employees. There are various kinds of such MFPs from many big brands to choose from. You can look for sizes and colors of Ricoh printers and other printers to get the one suitable for the office.

Ricoh Printers

Ricoh Printers

Difference Between Multifunctional and Single Function Printers

The printers differ in their features like speed, size, type of printing and others. On such basis you can find many kinds of printers like laser, ink-jet, dot matrix, etc. The printers used earlier were for single use that is for only printing but now with the advancement of the technology the multifunctional printers achieve many things besides actual printing. Many companies offer such advance multifunctional all-in-one printers for different business purposes. With different sizes and colors of Ricoh printers, you can choose the best out of the lot.

  • Single functioning printers are used for only printing, whereas the multi-use one offers features like faxing, emailing, downloading, scanning, etc.
  • High resolution and color printouts are obtained from the all-in-one printers whereas the older versions provide low quality results.
  • Speed is another factor that differentiates the two printers. MFPs are faster than the single ones.
  • Multifunctional printers are many devices in one so it occupies very less space in the office and saves money.

Some benefits:

  • Productivity can be increased with the multifunction printers like the all-in-one printers.
  • There is a very good chance of making fewer amounts of mistakes with the MFPs.
  • Less amount of paper is used in printing which saves money. You also require less amount of toner.
  • You can save time by removing the unnecessary customization
  • You can eliminate the costs of mailing by sending them over email as PDF file.
  • It is very easy to work with the machines. The work can be easily distributed by sending them to different locations like fax, print, email etc.

Types of MFPS

  • Office MFPs:

These are medium sized printers that serve as a central office printer. Apart from printing, copying, scanning and faxing, this device also performs emailing through common networks. You can also use it to create booklet, stapling, hole-punching, etc.

  • All-in-one:

Along with basic functions, this kind of multifunction printer provide software to organize photos, share over Wi-Fi, has smart card reader and can be connected to digital cameras.

  • Small office/home office MFP:

As the name suggests, these kinds of printers are for small office or home-office use. Scan, fax, print, and copy are some operations that the MFP performs. Document storage, retrieval, sorting and even hole-punching, stapling etc. can be done using this device.

About Ricoh printers

Ricoh is one of the leading companies offering several office solutions. They offer many kinds of single as well as multi-function printers. The printers are versatile in nature with all features that are applicable for all kinds of small and big businesses. You can look into the different sizes and colors of Ricoh printers to find the one you need for the office. Some of them are:

  • Black and white laser printer
  • Black and white All-in-one printer
  • Color laser printer
  • Color All-in-one printer

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