Simple Guidance for You in Steps to Installing Dumb Waiters

Dumb Waiters Installation

Dumb Waiters Installation

Dumb waiters are small elevators that are used to carry food and dishes from one floor to another floor in a building. They are called dumb waiters because they silently (i.e. dumb) do the job of the waiters in a restaurant. These are installed in schools, hospitals, restaurants everywhere – from commercial buildings to private buildings.  The dumb waiters are found everywhere nowadays starting from commercial buildings to private buildings. Installing dumb waiters totally eradicates the job of carrying food items and crockery from one floor to another, in a building, this way, toppling accidents when the waiter is walking etc. is eliminated.

Dumb Waiters

Dumb Waiters

Steps To Install a Dumb Waiter                                                                                        

  • If you want to get the dumb waiter installed, then do a research work on the company before handing them the job.
  • Ask your friends and family if they know any company that can install your dumb waiter for you.
  • If you want to install the dumb waiters yourself then make sure that you pick a dumb waiter that can be self-installed. Make sure that the dumb waiter you want to self- install has preassembled units and that it does not require any machine room or pulley system.
  • Before installing the dumb waiter, check the space where you want to install it. Dumb waiters generally fit into small spaces. They don’t require spaces more than three square feet. They can accommodate food, dishes, grocery etc. within this small space.
  • Choose the dumb waiter of appropriate size depending on the space that is available to you. Get an engineer to design the dumb waiter depending on the space you have. Also provide him with the specifications you want in your dumb waiter.
  • Always select the dumb waiter that will operate on household voltage.
  • Make sure that the dumb waiter is installed properly in the hoist-way for proper operation.
  • Before getting started with dumb waiter installation, construct the hoist way as well as the openings.
  • Prepare the shaft to get started with the installation process. Select the location for your dumb waiter that has easy access to the electrical points. Install the plywood at the top of the dumb waiter. Then the plywood is bolted to the dumb waiter. Install another plywood frame at the base of the dumb waiter. Connect the guide rail between the two floors and screw it in position.
  • There is supposed to be a drive way that needs to be threaded on the motor. A guide switch needs to be installed at the top and bottom of the guide rail. This will enable the dumb waiter to stop at desired position. The wires of the guide switch should be connected to plug.
  • Finish the walls and the door.
  • If you install the dumb waiter yourself, you will also have to build the hoist way for the car of the dumb waiter. The car is basically the platform which ensures that things don’t fall through the side of the dumb waiter.
  • If you install the dumb waiter yourself, be extra careful in keeping your children and pets away from the dumb waiter as the doors for a “do it yourself dumb waiter” are not interlocked.
  • Always be extra careful while installing the dumb waiter yourself. Make sure that you don’t fall off the hoist-way.
  • After finishing the installation, make sure that the motors, cables, doors etc. are working properly.
  • It’s always better to get a contractor who can install the dumb waiter for you, for safety purposes. Also since they are experienced, the dumb waiters installed by them are likely to work for a longer period.

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