Modern and Steel Pergolas Transform Exteriors into Beautiful Living Spaces

If you have space outside your home, you can make good use of it with the simple addition of pergolas. Such semi-covered areas are not only perfect for recreational purposes but also free up spaces in your interiors besides adding value to your home.

Modern Pergolas

Modern Pergolas

Harmonize The Design

There is a variety of choices when it comes to pergolas. You can pick the best designs and materials for structures. Your choice could be dictated by:

  • Overall design of your home.
  • The pergola should harmonize with existing design and be an extension, not stand out in marked contrast.
  • If you do choose to have a different design, it is best applied to stand alone pergolas you can erect in your garden or lawn.

Choices of Shapes and Styles

  • The simplest and plainest of modern and steel pergolas are often the most cost effective and aesthetic. It can be nothing more than pillars supporting an open ribbed covering made entirely from box steel tubes welded together. The open look can be beautified with the addition of green creepers.
  • If your house has a gabled roof, a gabled pergola in metal can be a continuation of the design and this will not only harmonize with the façade but will also add a perception of height.
  • Why restrict yourself to a boxy look? If you are erecting a pergola in the middle of your garden or at one side, choose a wavy circular shape in steel or aluminum for heightened aesthetics. The walkway can feature a fully circular type pergola to form a counterpoint.
  • A Chinese pyramid shaped pergola has its unique charm as It allows free movement of air.
  • A large domed pergola with a smaller dome atop can give your ambience a Middle Eastern look.
  • If you are planning for a covered portion by the side of one wall, then an arc shape pergola can also look quite beautiful and contemporaneous. Tubular steel frame with plain box sections in an all welded construction provide rigidity and a flowing look with a unique appeal.
  • The material of modern pergolas need not be steel. It can also be aluminum, plain anodized or powder coated.
  • Wood has always been a popular choice. Wooden pergolas, whether they are rough timber or polished, blend in with the nature.

Whatever designs you choose, ensure there is a slope for rainwater or snow runoff.

Steel Pergolas

Steel Pergolas

Enhancing The Pergola

The modern steel pergola or wooden or aluminum pergola is your basic structure. It could be open to elements. You can make it an all-weather living space with a few enhancements.

  • Cover the front with sliding glass door and sides with roller shutters also the top with motorized roller shutter. Press a button and the sides and top are covered. Enjoy a scenic view of the rain or snowfall.
  • You can keep sides open and cover the top with colored glass tiles or fiberglass. Sunlight filtering through the colored panes will cast wonderful pools of colored light.
    Your garden pergola can be open on the top. You can enhance it with corrugated or plain fiberglass colored sheets.
  • These are not the only options. You can pick bamboo screens for pergolas, flexible vinyl rolls up-roll down coverings or even strings with beads.
  • Hang a couple of wind chimes. The tinkle can be amazingly soothing.
  • For lighting at night you can consider spotlights using LED’s, automatic programmable color changing LED light or just put in a couple of free standing floor lamps.

Give a lot of thought to design and consequent enhancements before you start. It will help you enjoy the benefits of modern pergolas that will last a lifetime.


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