4 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Roller Shutter Installations

When it comes to roller shutter installations the first thought that comes to the mind is how tough can it be. After all you have already tried out a variety of blinds and curtains for your homes and so roller shutters should not be that tough. But the truth is that these shutters are actually quite a different league all together and though the installation is not impossible; there are some common mistakes that people tend to make. These little mistakes go a long way in ruining the proper installation of your roller shutters thus making it a tedious task.

Roller Shutter Installations for Home

Roller Shutter Installations for Home

So Here are Some Common Mistakes that one should Avoid:

  1. Not Reading The Proper Installation Methods
    Your roller shutter installations would require you to actually read the manual properly whether you buy it from a reputed company, readymade or get it customized from a store. In either case not reading the manual means a risk of making a mess. A manual would provide you with comprehensive insights on how to set up the roller shutter along with all relevant details. Basically it is a step-by-step guide to proper installation. Doing so will ensure you get a basic understanding of the procedures and that you are doing the process in the correct way.
  2. All Roller Shutter Installations are same
    A few years back you managed to successfully install your roller shutters and you are confident of repeating the stint once again however the problem is that with changing technology, set up procedures change too. Hence, what worked back then may not really be a success now. On the contrary, it could mean that you may just end up installing them wrong. Thus it is vital that you pay attention to the manual and read the instructions before starting the project.
  3. Buying from Non Reputed Places
    Buying these roller shutters from a non-reputed place is not going to make it easy to install. The basic roller shutter installation issues are related to the setting up of the shutters and with non-reputed companies you may not get the right guidance. On the contrary, you may end up wrecking your windows trying to get these shutters up. This happens because of the use of shoddy materials and measurements not being taken correctly.
  4. Saying no to Installation from Servicemen
    Another issue is that a lot of people don’t even ask for complimentary roller shutter installations. This happens because a lot of people think that they would be charged a lot for this process but that is not true. Most reputed companies offer you the benefit of free installation or charge a bare minimum for the same. Make sure that you opt for professional installation because the entire set up would require time and would be done with precision and care. This would save you both time and money. Opting for local handymen to install your expensive roller shutter may not give you the desired result. Instead, ensure that you get it done at the hands of a professional only.


It is true that when it comes to home care, there are a lot of aspects that you want to take charge of. So there’s no harm if you really want to set up or do the roller shutter installations yourself. But in the long run, what you should do is get a brief of the installation process via video links or manuals. You can also see how the professional does the set up and if needed later, you can always continue with this process yourself. So avoid these basic mistakes and enjoy hassle-free installation.


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