Gathering Several Information About Windows Double Glazed

Windows double glazed are basically a part of window. It is mostly made of tempered glass, float glass or several kinds of coated glass. These windows are modification of the older storm windows. They create a separation between the internal and external area by a double layered window. The gap is usually filled with argon while in cheap ones it may be only air. This would minimize the internal heat and external cold to be transferred.

Windows Double Glazed

Windows Double Glazed

Types of Glazed Windows

Double glazing windows are available in a wide range of colors, designs and types which would be suited according to the indoor design of the household. Few common types of glazing doors are discussed below.

  • Casement windows: These types of windows allow huge amount of sunlight to enter. This allows proper circulation of air. They open like doors and are attached at one end like the doors. These windows are available in several shades which gives a traditional look.
  • Tilt and turn windows: These windows are attached at both sides, making the process of cleaning and maintenance easier. They can be opened both sideways as well as from the top. These windows also provide high security since it can be tilted only and not be opened wider. They are also available in several designs according to your preference.
  • Georgian bar windows: They provide an aesthetic look to the building and are available according to your preferred size, color and design. Here the bars of aluminum between the multiple window panes.

Advantages of Glazed Windows

Windows double glazed provide a much comfortable indoor environment. The several advantages of glazing windows are as follows.

  • Quieter home: Glazing windows reduce the noise transmission to a large extend. It can be very helpful especially for older people, patients or people who need to rest during the daytime.
  • Low energy bills: Glazing windows eliminate the heat or cold transmission from the indoors. It helps in reducing energy consumption thus reducing the electricity bills to a large extend.
  • Security of home: Most of the times buglers enter the home through the windows. Installing glazed windows can almost eliminate the possibility of breaking the windows.
  • Reduction of condensation: Condensation usually occurs upon meeting of moist air with a comparative cold surface. The gap between the panes eliminates the possibility. The inside layer of the glass remains warm. Eliminating condensation also increases the longevity of the wall.
  • Weather resistance: These windows are completely weather resistant and waterproof. They are really durable especially in sea sides and areas with adverse weather conditions.
  • Reduction of carbon footprint: Layered glasses reduce the emission of greenhouse gases from the heating and cooling systems to the outside environment.

Disadvantages of Glazing Windows

Though Windows double glazed are mostly beneficial there are a handful of disadvantages too. The disadvantages are as follows.

  • Cannot be repaired: The panes trap air and thus they are air light. Once installed the pans cannot be opened and repaired. In case of any issues the entire window has to be replaced.
  • Trap heat: Trapping of heat can be disadvantageous during the summer days. Trapping of heat makes the indoor environment uncomfortable and stuffy.
  • Does not look elegant in older houses: The glazing windows are generally designed for the modern houses. Installing them in the older houses does not go with the traditional look.

Cost of Installing Glazing Windows

Installing double layered glazing windows are a little expensive compared to the traditional single pane ones. The cost generally depends on several factors such as

  • The size of the windows
  • The number of windows you want to install
  • How many opening the windows should have
  • The type and design of glass you want to use

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