Hire an Experienced and Licensed Electrician for Your Own Safety

The main responsibility of a home owner is to maintain and keep the electric system of the home safe. Electrical system is one of the most vital parts of any home. Without an efficient electrical system, the important electrical devices and appliances may not work properly. There will come a time when the electrical system in a home will need repair. Electrical system of a home isn’t like many other parts of your home. You can repaint your walls smoothly, renovate the floors easily, you may even be able to build a whole new deck without any assistance; but attempting DIY things on electrical system can be hazardous. You always want to ensure that the job is done safely, that’s where an experienced and licensed electrician comes into the picture. There are basically two types of licenses, an electrician can have- a journeyman license and a master electrician license. For the best result, you need to find an electrician who has master electrician’s license due to the mastery and awareness they will have.

Experienced Electrician

Experienced Electrician

Reasons to Hire an Experienced and Licensed Electrician:

There are many non-licensed electrical businesses out there in the market who work for only cash. While you may save some amount of money on taxes, you are also left unprotected because you will not be having any assurance regarding the quality of the work or materials. However, employing an experienced and licensed electrician guarantees excellent workmanship and quality materials. Here are a few important reasons why it’s so important to hire a licensed electrician:

  • Licensed Electricians are Well Trained: Licensed electricians are well trained to do the job safely and correctly. They will have on job training as well as classroom training before giving an exam that tests their knowledge and understanding. So they will have the right qualification and experience under their belt.
  • Can Pull Permits: As an experienced and licensed electrician, it is easy for them to get all the permissions required for the electrical work on your property. So you need not worry about unnecessary penalties.
  • Quality Work: Licensing guarantees work that meets certain quality standards. If you or an unlicensed electrician completes an electrical work, it is not guaranteed to be of definite quality, whereas a licensed electrician delivers quality work whilst using high standard material.
Licensed Electrician

Licensed Electrician

  • They know all the codes: There are certain strict codes for wiring system and installation at different levels (such as local, state, and federal). An experienced and licensed electrician will know all the codes and tailor all their work to be in acquiescence with these codes.
  • Safety: Licensed electricians have their own sense of safety and they will always be aware of dangers on site.  If there is any existing damage, they will be able to find the root cause and fix it. This implies when a job is done, all safety problems will be resolved and you can have peace of mind about the work completed.
  • Insurance and Inspections need licensed work: You must be able to prove that your home has adhered to all codes in case you are selling your home and getting an inspection. Licensed electricians will provide your paper work with complete work detail. You might need to submit this during inspection.


Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring Electrician:

Always ask your friends, neighbors, or family for recommendations on experienced and licensed electrician. Chances are if the contract worker, they employed, pleased them you would be too. You can also search local contractors online and see their ratings and reviews. Finally, check if your contractors can provide an onsite estimate. It is always nice to have estimation while looking for a trustworthy contractor.


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