Factors of Consideration for Getting the Best School Readiness Assessment

Parents are always excited to send their little kids to school. They eagerly wait for that first day of school when their child will stay away from them and start a new life. In schools, children learn various skills including listening, writing, dancing, speaking and they learn to be independent. However, things can worsen if the child is sent to the school at the inappropriate time.

Sometimes, kids are not prepared to go to a school and do not possess the skills required to be a part of it. In such a case, considering a school readiness assessment can be of great help. This assessment can help in analyzing the child’s mind and then take the decision accordingly.

School Assessment

School Assessment

*Why to get a School Readiness Assessment?

  • Right Time of Admission: Many a times, parents are confused with the right year or age at when they should admit their kids in the school. With the school readiness assessment, you will be able to decide the year in which you should send him/her to school. At some places, children are allowed to start kindergarten if they have turned five on or before 31 July of that specific year. Therefore, you must acquire details of the admission criteria of your location and conduct a school readiness assessment by approaching the concerned experts.
  • Better Understanding of Child: A school readiness assessment helps the parents in having a better understanding of the child’s brain and his/her capability. If at all, the early childhood educator of your child has shown concerns about the capability of the child to cope up at school then you must go for a school readiness assessment. Through assessment, you will be able to comprehend the key issues and work upon them.
  • Lifelong Implications: According to the research of The Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY), the experiences of early childhood affect the overall development and well-being of the child. It also affects the ability of a child to become social and productive part of the society. Furthermore, the kids who take admission in the school without any zeal and capability to learn tend to perform poor in studies. Therefore, a school readiness assessment can help in assessing the status of your child’s mind and his/her way of perceiving things. According to the results of the assessment, parents can move on accordingly.
Child Assessment

Child Assessment

*Areas Covered in School Readiness Assessment

A school readiness assessment is an assessment of the child’s overall development and behavior. Here, the child’s reasoning or mental development is tested and his/her ability to communicate is considered. Besides this, the emotional level of development, play skills, social skills, self-care skills and motor skills are also judged. This assessment provides an overall mental status of the child and his/her readiness to go to a school. A child is ready for the school if he/she has ability to socialize and communicate well with others and is able to take self-care.

*The Bottom Line

Parents must never push their kids to go to a school if they have not cleared the school readiness assessment. If they are pushed, then those happy days of the primary school can actually become a lost struggle for the kids. To prepare your child for the future successful years of the school, you should get the school readiness assessment done. Remember, it is about the education and the entire life of your child with which you cannot compromise at any cost. In fact, a school readiness assessment test can very often help in diagnosing conditions like ADHD in your child, which can be helpful for treatment at an early stage.


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