Ways to Print Attractive and Effective Business Cards

A skilled and experienced business person carries a business card that has the essentials of a business and contains the contact information of the business man. Business cards are a representation of you and your business. When you meet your clients, a lot of their perception about you will be based on how your business card looks. Having a great and effective looking business card is an effective way in making a good first impression. Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to even the minute details before printing your business card. It needs to be attractive, effective and unique. This article discusses some of the ideas and tips that will help you design a great business card.

Business card printing

Business card printing

Tips on How to Print a Great Business Card:

  1. The Basic Essentials

The first thing that you need to consider is the information that will be printed on your business card. It should have the basic essentials like your name, the name of your company or enterprise, the contact information and the address. Email address and website information must also be given. However, with all these information, the business card need not be clustered.

  1. Your Business Card should be Clear and Readable

It is important that you provide all the important information that defines your business. So, it may appear to you to decrease the font size in order to fit all that information. However, do not make it so small that it is difficult to read. The standard font size that most business cards use is 8pt or above. The font that you use is important too. It should be professional and not casual or fancy.

  1. You can include QR Codes

A QR code is an effective way in providing information about your enterprise or company. It provides a link between the printed card and the information that is available online. Using advanced technology saves a lot of space on your business card and at the same time, makes a good impression.



  1. The Choice of Colors for your Business Card

For attractive business card printing, you will need to choose the color of your card carefully. It is wise to keep in mind that the card will represent you and your business. The business card should be unique and should have features that stand out. Original and creative business cards can help in enhancing people’s interest in your business. Go for designs that are simple and elegant. Simplicity has its own charms and power, hence; keep your business card simple.

  1. The Visual Content on your Business Card

You may consider applying some visual content apart from text to your business card. On the blank side of the card, you can choose to put an image of the product that the company manufactures or it could be anything that is related to your business in an important way. It is not right to assume that people do not look at the back of a business card, and as a matter of fact, most people do. Therefore, do not leave the other side of the card completely blank.

  1. The Rest of the required Details for your Business Card

You need to consider the other crucial details for an attractive business card printing. Printing may have its shortcomings and your card may not look exactly as you want it to be. Important information may be cut out. To avoid this problem, mark a safe area in your card which will have the most important information. Do not go for borders to avoid complications. The borders may not look perfectly symmetrical. It is recommended by printers to leave a 3mm Bleed. Keep your card neat, simple and elegant.


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