Be Safe with Affordable Fire Hose Reels

Fire safety is not something that can be taken lightly in a residential or a commercial setup. The past major incidences caused due to fire accidents have made the regulations much strong in various states. A fire hazard can be control but in case of unforeseen occurrence it is something that can be easily controlled as long as the right measures are taken by the individuals. There have been several regulations that have been introduced by governments around the world to keep safe.

Affordable Fire Hose Reels

Affordable Fire Hose Reels

Complying with the Safety Standards

These policies that have been introduced have played a significant role in controlling fire related incidents to a massive extent. While this is a system that helps in keeping a lot of people safe from fire related incidents, there is one problem that tends to trouble all the contractors that are in a process of constructing new building that needs to pass regulation tests.

This is because of the simple fact that new buildings need to comply with all the regulations that has been imposed by the local governments. This also results in the installation of fairly expensive systems which can be quite difficult for the builders who are operating under a tight budget which makes the installation of the system quite a difficult choice for them.

Fire Hose Reels

Fire Hose Reels

Availability of Affordable Fire Hose Reels

That being said, there are luckily a lot less expensive options like affordable fire hose reels that can be bought by the individuals as these are an important addition when it comes to keeping the building safe from any kind of fire related harm. There is a long list of requirements that need to be run by the builders during the construction phase.

When it comes to complying with the different fire safety regulations imposed by the local authorities, there is the installation of several different components that need to be added to the building to help it comply with the said regulations. The components are as follows:

  • Installation of the requisite fire hose reel capable of covering all sections of a particular floor.
  • Installation of fire extinguishers in strategic points to allow easy access to individuals.
  • Drafting of a full scale escape plan including the addition of various fire exits via staircases in case of a fire.
  • Keeping all individuals updated with a proper escape plan in the case of a fire.
  • Cordoning off sensitive areas and preventing unauthorized access in zones such as electrical joints.
Fire Hose

Fire Hose

Making the Purchase Decision

With the above factors in mind, it is good to see the equipment itself, now a standard reel can be quite an expensive affair; however, there are actually many dealers out there that sell affordable fire hose reels for various construction firms and the prices can be very comfortable to the builders with no scope for a drop in the quality of the item that is installed in the building. All the items that are bought by the builder need to be thoroughly checked to ensure that all the safety hose reels that are installed perform without any flaws. In case of a flaw during the inspection, it can result in redoing the installation all over again which is not economically feasible for the builder to undertake.

The fire hose reel should be mounted at the right spot outside the window and in close proximity with the fire escape that will help to provide the firemen an easy access to enter the building.

The affordable fire hose reels also have varying water pressure levels upon which the piping can be done. High pressure piping although effective can also be quite a pricey prospect due to the higher quality system.


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