Window Security Roller Shutters for Your Residential Units

Nowadays, roller shutters have become an integral part of the residential units. In a layman’s language, roller shutter is primarily defined as a kind of window or door shutter which comprises of horizontal slabs and these are hinged together. In the large doors, the shutters are primarily motorized. With a single click of a button the shutter will roll up and down to cover the full area and ensuring complete privacy. The window security roller shutters are currently available in different shapes and sizes and are manufactured using premium quality raw materials. These items are likely to last for a long span of time. Therefore, these shutters are a one-time investment plan.

Window Roller Shutters

Window Roller Shutters

Available Types for you

Before you invest money in any of the window shutters, it is important to check all the different types available. Depending on the design and style, the functionalities are likely to differ accordingly. The most promising ones being used are built-on shutters. In these, the roller shutter boxes are fixed to exterior of the building façade. You can further look for built-in roller shutter doors, where these are built into lintel just above the window. Another form is the integrated roller shutter where a window is combined with roller shutter to form a single unit.



Find the Available Options

Apart from the points mentioned above related to the window security roller shutters, there are some other types of roller shutters also. Make it a point to go through all the available options before investing money in any one of them.

  • You can always go for the roller shutter, which comes with tilting laths. Here, the laths are tilted and the design is more or less similar to the external Venetian blinds.
  • If your budget is limited, then manual roller shutter can be a good choice for you. This kind of product comprises of gear drive which can be traced from the building façade to any universal joint on room side. Moreover, it is operated with the help of a winding cranked handle.
  • You can further invest money on the manual tape roller shutters. Here, a tape is driven around a flange on the roller, which is traced through building façade. It comprises of a pulley on an inertia reel.
  • Another type of window security roller shutters are the electric shutters. Here, the shutters comprise of a tubular motor which is fitted inside the roller. With the click of a button, the roller shutters start moving automatically.
  • Lastly, there are the fire shutters. These can be handled electrically or manually. They comprise of wood and metal along with a weight bar. It helps in closing the shutter and links it to fire alarm system thus preventing any hazards related to fire.
Roller shutters

Roller shutters

Dealing with the Materials

Always remember that window security roller shutters are made out of premium quality raw materials. If the items are not properly tested, then you should not purchase such products. However, most of the reliable centers make it a point to test the materials under strict parameters before dispatching the final results. The lath of roller shutters can be made of aluminum, steel which may be single or multi wall.

No matter whichever kind of window security roller shutters you are looking for, make sure to get them directly from reliable online stores. They offer some great discounts on quality items, which are hard to procure from the usual retail outlets. They even deliver the items right at your doorstep, thus; saving time, money and effort. Just be sure of the authenticity and reliability of the company before finalizing.


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