How Easily the Site Accessible and House Demolishing Process

Demolishing is the act of destroying or breaking down and demolishers are the people who are used for the same while carefully preserving the things that can be reused. The process is an easy one and by this the buildings can be pulled down either by using certain machines or manually. Nowadays it is seen that demolishing a building is much cheaper than renovating an existing house. It is not necessary that when we talk of demolishing we talk about demolishing the entire building or house but sometimes people tend to break down only a part of the old structure. Many a time’s people are worried about the time that would go way in demolishing process. It generally takes a few days if done by the help of machines but can also move to a month or so if done manually.

Building and House Demolishers

Building and House Demolishers

Demolition work is very dangerous, and should be done only by experts or licensed contractors. The highly skilled demolition workers can easily determine the steps for the work, making the process easier. Demolition permits are necessary before the process can take place. But what kind of permits is needed is decided by the local councils depending upon the area of demolition. The price of the demolition process depends upon what type of material is being used for it, what salvages can be reused and also how easily the site is accessible and all this is decided upon by the building and house demolishers.

Demolishing may take place for the Following Purposes:

  • Improving a certain part of the property.
  • Don’t want to spend more on renovating.
  • Building on an existing structure.
  • Military use i.e. deliberately destroying a house in order to protect people from threat.
  • Ethnic cleansing i.e. in order to change the ethnic composition of a particular place.

Things that needs to be taken care of before carrying out the Demolishing Process:

  • Putting up a necessary application for sanctioning of the demolition permit.
  • Getting the services like gas, water, electricity, water etc. to be disconnected.
  • Keeping a check on the nearby property in order to protect them.
  • Ensuring that during the demolition process the area is safe for you as well as other people around.
  • Arranging for trucks etc. for the disposal of the demolition wastes.
  • The building and house demolishers should take care not hamper the nature or any historical structure.
Building and House Demolition

Building and House Demolition

Work of People involved in the Demolishing Process

Demolishers often provide you with:

  • full-service
  • the cleanup process
  • ensuring waste is disposed correctly
  • complete clearing up of the site
  • taking care of the safety of people around

Prerequisites to be used for Applying for a Demolition permit

To apply for a demolition permit the following would be needed:

  • Site plan which contains the description of the place and materials to be demolished.
  • Details about the demotions carried earlier.
  • A copy specifying that the land belongs to you.
  • The details of the demolisher.
  • Assurance plan that clarifies about taking care of people around.
  • Description about the waste disposal plan.


Steps involved in Demolition of a house

The following order of works is typical for demolishing a house:

  1. The services such as water, swage, telephone, electricity etc. are disconnected.
  2. Erect scaffolding is done is order to protect other properties from dust and debris.
  3. Materials that are hazardous are removed under the license sanctioned by the authorities.
  4. Stripping off of the soft loose items like kitchen, plumbing, cabling etc.
  5. Then the doors, windows, molding are removed.
  6. Later stripping off the roof has to take place.
  7. Demolishing the walls, bricks has to take place after that.
  8. Removal of unwanted material (which can be reused) takes place.



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