How to Choose the Best Motel Accommodation for your relaxation?

The word motel results from the combination of the words motor and hotel as they originated as accommodations by the highway places for the tired motorists that wished to rest for the night after the tiring travel of the day. Generally, most of the motels are designed with some basic facilities like, proper accommodation, bar counter, foods and restaurants and all the rooms are especially designed with attached car parking area. When you choose the motel, you need to compare the price and then you can book the appropriate one. But within a short time, especially during the night, it is very difficult to choose the best one and you can search the nearest motel on the internet and choose the best one according to their customer feedback only. Gradually the larger chain of hotels started stepping in, and the industry boomed to have them everywhere.

The make and the types

The typical motelsare constructed in convenient geometric shapes resembling the ‘L’, the ‘I’ or even the ‘U’.

  1. The objective is to provide rooms to which the guest can have easy access straight out of the car and can easily unload and load their luggage.
  2. The modern motels have several facilities that the hotels offer and having a swimming pool is a common feature.
  3. There are different grades of rooms that are available at the modern motels, and they can range from the deluxe to the simple single bed accommodation.
Motel Accommodation

Motel Accommodation

What are the Facilities offered by Different Types of Motels?

Today most motels accommodation are centrally located so that the travelers can have easy access to the city points as well as be able to carry on with their onward journey easily.

  • Several of the upscale motels have the facilities of membership that enable the guests to avail of instant discounts on online bookings as well as a variety of services.
  • The accommodation facilities of the motels can have the space to accommodate entire families and some also have the facilities of the spa and the kitchenette that helps in the travelers to save a lot while out on long holiday plans.
  • When the property size is large, there may be gardens to relax in and also facilities of the safety lockers, laundry, and room service.

What are the Features of the Best Motels?

In most of the plush motels, the accommodation comes as a bed and breakfast package apart from the free parking facilities. It is common to find hundreds of motels spread across the length and breadth of many countries across the world with the best of facilities. In some cases, the rooms are large and spacious to the extent that they are great to spend a couple of days when you choose one that are located in the large cities.

  • Those that are situated by the countryside highway are more resplendent but are marked by the hospitality that they offer with the clean and crisp rooms that are simple.
  • Some of the modern motels have distinct smoking and non-smoking zones apart from the televisions and air-conditioning where the climate demands them.
  • As most motels have the facilities of online booking, there are also promos and offers on the room rates by some from time to time that makes them real money savers while out on adventurous holidays or other travel plans.


Though some have the facility of the online booking, some have plenty of room to accommodate guests as the pass by without any prior booking. These are usually large and spacious properties that can have about fifty large operational rooms at the same time.


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