Uses of Various Kinds of Cable Handling Equipment

Every business house looks forward to lower down costs. Just as cost optimization features on the list of priorities; similarly, the need for increasing productivity is also important. Both propositions, in turn, demand the usage and application of efficient and productivity-enhancing cable handling equipment. The equipment system should be effective and reliable to influence the up time. The inputs and measures used for cable handling should solve tough issues, and facilitate protection of chemicals, oil, and abrasion. They should also have the capacity to handle the continuous stresses of flexing.

Cable Holding and Equipment

cable handling equipment

The Expected Specifications

Depending upon the requirements, cables cover long distances or pass the wire through a short distance. Therefore, it is necessary to make use of the following inputs and choose cable handling equipment accordingly:

  • Design that has the capacity to haul different cable types. Some cables need the assistance of manually operable cable haulers.
  • Some cables require the involvement of format winches. The latter is used for hauling large expansive systems of cables.
  • Irrespective of the type of the cable handling mechanism, the system should possess an effortless hauling venture so that the cable can cover the terrain without much hassle.

A Comprehensive Inventory

The cable handling equipment should be positioned in order to offer a secure grip. If the grip is not appropriate; then, the hauling needs will not be fulfilled. Along with the choice of equipment, a set of accessories is also needed. Equipment’s can be selected from different range of tools and accessories. The assortment includes tools of trade and simple-looking cable thimble. The latter is one of the simplest cable manipulating devices that serves the purpose of threading cables. The inventory also includes a few sophisticated and bespoke devices. Every variety is designed in such a way as to increase the productivity and system’s efficiency. The designing details and the manufacturing modalities should comply with the certified standards of ISO 9001.

Glimpse into the List

Here is a complete list as well as uses and applications of cable handling equipment. Electrically operable Blower kits suit the needs of a jet line, blue tapes, and small ropes. The kit suits conduit sizes of different types. The blower unit has a hose of five meters, and cones are big enough to suit conduits that vary in size from thirty-two mm to 105 mm

  • For quick and effective cutting action, choose cable cutters. Any hydraulic pump is necessary to operate this particular cable cutter.
  • In order to shift cable drums from one place to the other, use drum lifting stands that come with galvanized trailers.
  • To lay cables in a limited space, as an operator, use the cable trailer. The self-contained trailer comes with manually operable arms. The arms also have hydraulic lifting capacity. The brakes are automatic and fail-safe.
  • Cable manipulating yoke is a perfect solution for laying cables with the help of a crane in order to pull out cable from containers (drums) that weigh as much as three thousand kilograms; you can use the yoke. It minimizes your handling time.

Laying Cables in Special Situations

You need to lay out powerfully potential cables in unique situations such as tunnels with flat bottoms or bores that are round in shape. For this, use tunnel tractors. This type of cable handling device comes equipped with the bidirectional operation system, computerized control unit and hydraulic arms for installation.

By following the above mentioned uses and specifications, you can choose the appropriate cable handling device and use them according to your requirement.


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