Everything That Guides For Gas Cutting Torch Reveals

As per the guides for gas cutting torch, an oxy cutting torch is an instrument that uses oxygen and fuel gas to cut metals. The users of the apparatus ensure using pure oxygen to cut the metals, as it is only with the help of oxygen that flame’s temperature increases to cut metal. This method of cutting materials is mostly used in metal oriented artwork shops and circumstances where assessing electricity, with the help of a portable generator or an extension cord, can be difficult. Apart from the oxygen and the fuel, you also need to use the level of oxy-hydrogen flame to get the artworks or metal moldings cut in the best possible way. The amount of heat and the level of oxygen should be in a certain proportion, if the metal is to be cut according to sheets or in think rolls.

Set up of the Cutting Torch

Before purchasing an oxy cutting torch for yourself, you must ensure gaining knowledge about the set up of the machine. This will help you to identify each part of the machine once you have it.

  • The guides for gas cutting torch state that the instrument has a sixty to ninety degree angled head. In the center of the instrument’s head lies a central jet that is surrounded with orifices.
  • The trigger of the torch is attached to its handle. To make the instrument work, you have to press the trigger, so that it blows the oxygen at high pressure goes down to the instrument’s third tube to be released from the central jet to the work piece metal that has to be cut.
Guides For Gas Cutting Torch

Guides For Gas Cutting Torch

Important Things to Know

Cutting the metal is only possible when the edge of the instrument is heated thoroughly. According to the guides for gas cutting torch, to heat the machine you must ensure using the preheated jets only. However, while cutting a metal piece, it is important for you to note the following:

  1. You must ensure that oxygen flow is just right. Too little oxygen will result in a rough cut while too much flow of the same will result in a waste of the gas and bring about a large concave cut in the material.
  2. When you are cutting the work piece, you must ensure that the cutting pressure matches the cutting point of the oxygen orifice. Also, you must remember to refer to the cutting tip’s creator’s data.
  3. While cutting the material, molten metal is likely to flow from the same. Due to this, there must be an area set aside on the opposite side of the material for the spray to depart.
Gas Cutting Torch

Gas Cutting Torch

Ensuring Complete Self Protection

Before you can begin using the gas cutting torch, there a few things that you need to ensure for your own body’s benefit. The following will help you to understand what you must do to keep yourself protected when working with an oxy cutting torch.

  • The first thing that the guides for gas cutting torch say about keeping yourself protected is that you must ensure wearing garments such as pants and a jacket that is completely flameproof. This will keep your body from coming in contact with the flying flame sparks and the molten metal flowing down from the work piece.
  • Remember to wear a pair of eye protective shades like the welding goggles, to keep your eyes from becoming blind due to continuous staring at the flame while working with it.  At the same time, also wear a pair of gloves while you work with the gas cutting instruments.

Gas cutting technique is very common in industries such as jewelry, glass manufacturing, automotive repairs and for doing platinum works.


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