Basic criteria of different Electrical Systems for your Home or Office

The network of electric components that are usually used to transfer, supply as well as use electricity is known as electrical systems. Grids, generators, transmission system and distribution systems are some of the components which are used supplying power to the homes & industries. When you choose the electrical systems, you need to get on the right power back-up and the utility of machines, as well as the voltage and the Ampere that you need. This ensures that your gadgets and the machines work well with a proper electrical flow through them.

  • AC powers and DC powers are the two concepts related to the system. Electrical appliances such as refrigerators, pumps, heavy machines and Air conditioners operate on AC power while computers as well as other digital equipments make use of DC power.
  • AC which is alternate current is easily transformed between voltages. It is generated plus consumed by brushless machines. DC which is Direct current is more economical option which can be transmitted over extensive distances at high voltage.
Electrical Contractors

Electrical Contractors

What are the two types of Electrical Systems that can be found?

  1. Residential Electrical System:

In order to live a life comfortable there is need of electricity. We make use of tube lights, fans, coolers, AC, refrigerators, heating appliances and numerous other appliances in our daily life.

  • Without electric power life seems impossible. Power systems for residential purposes provide low voltage current. It ranges from 110 to 220 volts.
  • This has been set on national standards as well. Single phase using 2 core cable for active and neural return was used few decades before. You will find active line operating through isolating switch of fuse box. It is divided into 2 or even more circuits for providing lighting as well as power to appliances of house.
  • The circuit system of lighting & appliances are always kept separate. This is to ensure safety during appliances failure. A proper fuse is used for all circuits. There is active as well as neutral wire where lighting & power sockets are joined in parallel. Earthing is also provided to avoid electrical shocks.
  • The earthing systems of electricity vary from one country to another. It even provides protection at the time of lightening and thundering. It helps in moving the electric charge to the ground.
  1. Commercial Electric System:

Power system of shopping centre, building, colleges, offices is different from residential system. Load flow, voltage drop and short circuit are the few conditions which are kept in mind while design a good electrical system for such places. For commercial installation there is sub-panel which is separated from main line. This is facilitated in order to ensure system protection as well as efficient installation of electric system.

Power System Components:

  1. Supplies: There are more than one power supplies for all electric systems. Batteries, photovoltaic cells and fuel cells are the sources of Direct Current while turbo generator provides alternate current.
  2. Loads: Energy is being delivered to load which performs function. Household appliances and industrial machines are the termed as loads. These loads require certain voltage, AC devices, and certain frequency along with many phases.
  3. Protective Devices: In the case of failure there can be injury and damage; so as to avoid such situation protective devices are now being used in power systems. Fuse is known as quintessential protective gadget. Fuse is an ideal divide for shielding circuitry from any damage. There are two problems associated with its usage as it has to replace and you cannot reset it. Secondly for the area where excess current flow such fuses become inadequate as safety devices.

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