Add Value to your Living Place with Verandah

Verandah, porches, pergolas, decks, Porte cochère as well as covered patios are great options for covering an outdoor space while creating an area that can be savored throughout the year. A verandah is a porch area that is partly enclosed with railings or posts. With the use of modern technology and architectural style, verandahs are now constructed with ample space and light so that one can indulge in perfect weather anytime, anywhere. A Verandah can be placed between a patio as well as a living room. It is perfect for people seeking a different and colonial style house. Everyone admires an elegant and alluring house. A verandah can add grace and value to your living area.


modern verandah

Few Pointers to Keep in Mind While Designing a Modern Verandah for your Home

  • Location – Utilize a space in front of your house or along the house to construct a verandah. Since construction can be pricey, a great structure can be built without having to break anything.
  • Choose the Correct Fencing – Sometimes people prefer to use fences to cover their verandahs, one could go for Colorbond steel railings or the traditional timber ones Flooring- Use marble and other outdoor flooring options to give your verandah an appealing look.

Use of Colorbond Steel in Modern Verandah

Unlike timber, that tends to rot and is prone to termites; Colorbond steel is durable, weather resistant and possesses structural integrity. They are easy on the pocket as well. They can be put to versatile uses especially for building patios, carports or verandahs. Steel is the ultimate choice for anyone who plans to build outdoor.



  • Modern Verandahs can be set up by using either timber or Colorbond steel fittings and complementing them with coordinating flooring. Compared to timber, Colorbond steel requires less beams as well as posts. Color bond steel in modern verandah adds great value to one’s living place as well as to one’s life. Steel is ideal for constructional purposes. Not only is it tough and solid, it has a light frame that makes it easy to build upon.
  • Colorbond and Modern Verandah with steel fitting is easy to maintain. It requires simple cleaning and one could even hose down. Timber verandahs on the other hand take a backbreaking effort to clean. They often hole up spiders and can be a headache for the owner. The use of steel in verandah could hence result in a swankier verandah that lasts for long. Colorbond steel passes off as being maintenance and hassle free. Neither does it require an annual coat of fresh paint, nor does scorching sun or monsoon slacken its beauty or longevity. This is a problem that people owning timber verandahs often fret about.
  • Changing Style with the passage of time and introduction of new and modern verandahs, timber has become outdated. Our generation loves and admires modernization and color bond steel gives this advantage to its users. Not only is Colorbond steel affordable and easy to maintain, it can also be an ultimate addition that increases the complete worth of one’s house. With a suitable color scheme, you can find the perfect match with your home interiors. Hiring a professional for constructing color bond and modern verandah can turn your imaginations into reality. Professional installation can be availed at economical prices.

A verandah made from Colorbond steel lasts longer while adding space and a range of capabilities to your house. Barbeque nights, parties and vacations will be exceptional once you add the functionality and extravagance of a modern steel verandah to your home.


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