Engineered Flooring Specialists Help in Selecting and Laying the Durable Flooring

Wooden floors are capable of adding the warmer and more inviting finishes even to the most dull looking floors, or to those interiors that bear the heavy marks of the cold modern minimalism. The use of real hardwood timber floors always spelt aristocracy, and was associated with plush elegance. With the hardwood becoming more expensive over time, technology was continually involved in finding ways to invent alternatives that would resemble the hardwood look, and also be durable in nature. The engineered wood flooring came into being and it has assumed immense popularity ever since it’s inception to give modern homes the sophisticated elegance of the past at affordable prices.

Knowing the Flooring Type

As the name suggests, the engineered flooring planks are made out of several layers of wood that are assembled in a way that the grains of the subsequent layers are at right angles to each other.

  1. The engineered flooring specialist work to press these layers in place such that they become more durable than the original hardwood, with the outer layer having high quality gloss and thickness.
  2. These boards are thus not affected by changes in climatic conditions like humidity, and there are no subsequent swellings or shrinkage to the boards.
  3. The thickness of these engineered flooring can vary anywhere from two millimeters to even twenty millimeters depending upon the company that manufactures them.
Engineered Flooring Specialist

Engineered Flooring Specialist

Laying them by the Specialist

Those woods that are greater in thickness are naturally more durable than their thinner counterparts as they can be sanded and refinished several times much like the hardwood.

  • The advantage of using the engineered flooring is that they are available in many shades and designs that are rare in nature, like the herringbone, and can be laid in ways that can bring about stunning effects to the interior.
  • It, however, takes the expertise of the engineered flooring specialist to lay them well so that they can give you true value for your money over the years.
  • As the products come in several strips, they resemble real hardwood flooring when laid well, and they cannot be distinguished from the real hardwood flooring when laid by the experts.
  • They also come in the matte or the oiled finish to give the floor a more rustic look with the old-world style of décor.

Durable and Time-Tested

The durable nature of the engineered flooring stems from the high-quality heat pasting technology that is used for the purpose.

  • It is resistant to the water than natural hardwood and often is used by the engineered flooring experts as a solution for renovations to bridge the floor of the tiles of the kitchen and the bathroom and the rest of the house.
  • While the thinner planks can be pasted, the thicker ones are best nailed down to the sub-floor for durability.
  • These floorings are not just easy to install over the sub-floor but also ready for use soon after their laying. They add more resale value to your entire property.
Engineered Flooring

Engineered Flooring

Consulting the Specialists

There are exquisite finish to choose from that is achieved by the superior craftsmanship of the engineered flooring specialist that highlight the grains and the knots. The techniques used are brushing and hand scraping that result in the rustic finish.

These floors are usually made so that they will not stain or scratch even by accident and are also resistant to heavy pressure. Usually, each manufacturer provides a guideline for the laying of the floors, and some variants are suitable for installation over the under floor modern heating systems. This makes it extremely important to consult the specialists before you buy the flooring.


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