Shopping for The Best Elevators for Sale and Increasing the Property Value

Shopping for elevators on sale is not a difficult task anymore because of availability of numerous options. There are so many companies, and each one of them has a vast selection of elevators. These elevators are for residential use only and cannot be used for the commercial spaces. If you wish to accentuate the beauty of your place, then adding residential elevators might be a good choice. The elevators which you find in shopping centers or malls are huge and can accommodate four to five people. However, for the residential units, the elevators can accommodate maximum of 3 people.

commercial lifts design

commercial lifts design

Helping to increase the comfort level

The first question which comes to mind, after hearing about residential elevators for sale is that what is the use of elevators in houses? Well, the major use is comfort and assisting mobility for the elderly people of the family. With age, movement becomes difficult for elder people. Therefore, installing a residential elevator can help in making their movement easier.

  • Comfort is another great reason supporting the use of residential elevators. If both your hands are occupied and you are carrying a lot of things, then it becomes difficult to move up and down the staircase. Whereas, with elevators, you can move to any level without falling or tripping off.
  • Beauty is also another major factor because of which, these elevators are being used for residential purpose. As available in different colors, shapes and designs, these elevators can easily accentuate the beauty of your place. If you want to sell your place and you have the elevators installed, then the resale value of the property increases manifold.
  • People have a misconception that elevators take up more space. However, the truth is that these elevators will occupy less space in comparison to the staircase. As the shaft takes less space the elevator can be accommodated in areas with space crunch.
elevators for sale

elevators for sale

Knowing the different Types

Before you proceed further and invest money in any of the elevators, let us discuss about the types of elevators available. Most of the firms offer three different types of elevators based on the size and capacity and are known as the vacuum elevators.

  • The first one can accommodate one passenger and the capacity is somewhat around 350 lbs. It is defined by smallest footprint for your space, and the external diameter of the cylinder is around 750mm.
  • The second option is for 2 passengers, and a little bit bigger than the first one. Here, the capacity is 450 lbs and more and comprises of cabin seat. The external diameter of the cylinder is 37 inches.
  • The third and most used one is the one which can accommodate 3 passengers. These are accessible for the wheelchair also, if the need be. The lift capacity is nearly 525 lbs and the external diameter of the cylinder is 1,316mm.

These three are the most important elevators available for sale and used in residential units. However, if you want to know more about the products, you are advised to visit the professionals first. They are experts and are always happy to guide you through your first elevator shopping.

Choose the best firm

You should do your efforts in choosing the best firm dealing with elevators. You might be dazzled with so many options but choosing the best one can be a difficult task. Look for those companies which offer direct installation services. Here, the installation is included in the package and you do not have to pay separately for that service.

You should not procure products from those websites which are offering used or recycled elevators. You should always deal with the authorized dealers who have properly documented proof, as you do not want to end up in any legal confrontation. Look for the available options and their features, before coming to a decision.


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