Fire Hose Suppliers and their Complete Range of Products

A fire hose is designed to carry water or any other fire retardant like foam to the source area of the fire to be able to extinguish it. There is an entire system attached to the hose as the water supply can be drawn through it either from an external or an internal source. In case of the external source, the fire hose is attached to the fire engine or the fire hydrant while for indoor sources; the hose is attached to a building’s standpipe or its plumbing system.

Fire hose products

Fire hose products

A Peek at the Differences

As this is a specialty device that has several technical issues attached to it, there are qualified fire hose suppliers that have complete range of products with them.

  • Depending on the place where the equipment will be used, the suppliers will have the entire range available to them.
  • The difference lies in the material, the length of the pipe and also the thickness being able to carry out the operation.
  • Most of the times the material plays an important role as there is industrial, forest and other specialized areas that may have to be dealt with.
  • In most cases, the hoses that the high-grade suppliers have are made out of synthetic material that are resistant to the chemical damage and also have the percolating system to prevent them from high-temperature damage.
Fire hose suppliers

Fire hose suppliers

For Specific Purposes

Most reputed fire hose suppliers will classify the equipment in following categories that may also be known by other specific names in different parts of the world.

  • The Attack Hose are fitted with the LDH and are those that will fight the fire that has reached a stage beyond the incipient stage and are those that are used by the official firefighting personnel.
  • The hose consists of an outer jacket and an inner lining with a standard length of fifty feet.
  • The Forestry Hose are made to meet the fire-fighting needs of forest and the wildland fires with nitrile hose and these are extremely light weight with a standard length of hundred meters with maneuver over long terrains.
  • The Booster Hose is one that is not flat but has a rubber covering that is flexible and meant to fight small fires and carried on a reel mounted on the fire-fighting machine.

The Right Solutions

The leading fire hose suppliers are also likely to have the range of products that are a part of the water suction system.

  • The Supply and the Relay hoses are the ones that are employed when the water or the hydrant have to relay the agent over long distances to the secondary pumper.
  • In most cases, the hoses are made of a material that are laid flat and stored when not in use and come with a polyurethane cover on the jacket that prevents formation of mold on the surface.
  • There is also an internal coating of the polyurethane that make them just right for being compliant with the high-pressure water pumping.
  • This kind of coating ensures that there is no need for drying of the pipe after use and can be stored away soon after use.
Fire hose

Fire hose

Host of Emerging Technologies

These suppliers are also likely to have with them the complete range of standpipes and the accessories like the couplings and the nozzles. Each country is likely to have a fire-fighting standard of it’sown, and the suppliers are usually cautious to keep them in mind when providing the supplies. With the evolving technologies, there are new entrants into the market that have to deal with the foams to combat newer chemical combustions. There are also the specific quality of the rubber and the mechanical engineering that will meet the latest standards that the suppliers keep in mind.



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