Significance of Wheelchair Lifts Installation for the Disabled

Using a wheelchair is the most unfortunate situation for any patient. With a wheelchair, a person feels restricted and dependent. However, wheelchair lifts have emerged as an important element in the market today. These lifts are powered devices that are used to support disabled people. The function of a wheelchair lift is to lift the chair to any height without any issues. It helps in overcoming any difficult barrier and makes the movement of disabled people free. Whether it is about going up a ramp or climbing stairs, things get challenging with a person on a wheelchair. These wheelchair lifts have proved to be a boon.

WheelChair Lift

WheelChair Lift

Benefits of Wheelchair Lift Installation

  • Easy to use: The foremost advantage of wheelchair lifts is that they are very easy and convenient to use as compared with a ramp. Many a times, disabled individuals lose the functioning of their hands, which makes it impossible for them to roll their wheelchair up to the ramp. In fact, even the caregiver of these disabled people finds it much easier with wheelchair lift.
  • Freedom to patient: With a wheelchair lift, the disabled person feels free, as they are able to move around freely. The best part is that a wheelchair can easily be fitted to a vehicle, which gives a means of transportation to these people. Thus, a wheelchair bound patient can feel free to move here and there if he/she has an access to a wheelchair lift.
  • Increase home value: Without a doubt, the resale value of your home will definitely go higher once you have installed a wheelchair lift at your home. The buyers who are looking for a suitable home for their disabled family members will be ready to give you a handsome amount for it. Thus, you should not think about the resale value while installing wheelchair lifts. You will be on the greener side always.

Things to be Considered During Wheelchair Lifts Installation

  1. Size: While you are planning to install wheelchair lifts at your place, it is essential to choose the right size of it. The measurements of the lift must be at least 48 inches long and 30 inches wide. The main thing that you need to consider is to install the lift that fits wheelchair. If the wheelchair is longer than go for longer lifts and accordingly.
  1. Capacity: The wheelchair lift should have a capacity to hold at least 800 pounds. Since the lift has to bear the weight of the patient with the heavy weight of the wheelchair, the lift needs to study with more capacity.
  1. Safety: Safety of the patient should be the major concern. Platform barriers that prevent the accidents and handrails to support the patient are a few important things that you must consider during wheelchair lifts installation. You can even go for the lifts that have a restraint belt system for the wheelchair bound person.
  1. Location of Installation: Most of the times, homeowners remain confused about the most suitable location to install wheelchair lifts. The experts suggest that it is always better to install the lift in the front besides your main door. By doing this, the person on the wheelchair will always remain in sight. Thus, in case of any trip or fall, family members can immediately rush to the concerned person’s help.
Wheelchair Lifts Installation

Wheelchair Lifts Installation

Wheelchair lifts installation is just a onetime investment. Nonetheless, the benefits it offers to the wheelchair bound person are just endless. Get the right manufacturer and the right contractor though for getting the job done.


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