Top Emerging Access Control Trends for Commercial & Residential Buildings

There is a lot that has been happening in access control system industries. Advanced technology, innovative ideas and effective system have become a common aspect. Such a shift has led to certain remarkable trends that are emerging in this industry. Some of these trends have turned out to be a game changer, as they not only enhance the quality of the control systems but at the same time ensure that they work in an effective manner, reducing any possibilities of unwanted access to your property.

Though there are many trends that have made their way, but this article will focus on the top 6 amongst them and how they have created a difference in the security system of your house or commercial space.

Access Control System

Access Control System

Integrated Network Systems

These control systems are not discrete or separate anymore, rather they work in a networked system providing information and intelligence data which can be used for predictive analytics allowing industries to move towards effective security systems. With the use of an integrated system, you will not require too many components to monitor the targeted area, rather make use of just one platform and have control over every facility that you want.

With this you can carry several operations such as visitor management, alarms, time & attendance, video surveillance, elevator control, photo imaging, building control- the list is almost endless. The same can even be used for IP-based systems with the help of software so that you can analyze and process the data collected by the security systems.

Managed Access Control

In addition to integrated networks, there is specific software that has the ability to manage access control systems. The software is indeed a great option for managing multiple platforms with the help of a single backbone, where they can be considered as the main control arena. Further, the use of managed systems would improve the effectiveness of security systems and ensure that they are working at their best in a hassle free manner.


Another amazing prospect of emerging trends is to provide user end services where they can protect their areas from unwanted access without complications. With this the compatibility of such systems has been improved, allowing them to offer security to the next level. Better compatibility undoubtedly leads to better usability. And this is what is seen in the emerging trend. Considering the compatibility of these systems there are several manufacturers who tend to produce simplified security systems that can be easily incorporated into the pre-installed system of your house.

Access Control

Access Control

Working Beyond Security

This is yet another interesting trend of the security system, where they deliver much more that security. Besides providing a medium to protect your house these systems can even facilitate in business operations through mediated software and manage them in an efficient manner. For example, an access control system in schools can not only be used for security but it also has the ability to control traffic and manage a large number of students in no time.

Incorporation of Wi-Fi Based Systems

This is perhaps one of the most known trends that have been with us for a while. From monitoring systems till sensors, any equipment can be connected with the Wi-Fi systems that would further remain in connection with a handy device such as phones, tablets or laptops. This provides you the opportunity to have a control over the system anytime and from anywhere. This means even if you are not around then you have a Wi-Fi enabled system to help you out with the security of your space.


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