Sound Proofing Double Glazing Doors – How is it Done

Soundproofing is useful and used for residential apartments, for restaurants, hotels, offices, marine and industrial places, theatres, studios and automotives in addition to other such places. The reason is that it helps to create a quieter atmosphere, improve the guests’ stay, reduce noise levels and create an environment which is more comfortable and peaceful. Excess of noise levels cause people to get irritated, they get more stressed, want to move off from the area as well as it causes long term harm to the hearing as well as to the stress levels of the human being. Therefore, sound proofing should be initiated in home and in commercial establishments.

Double Glazed Doors

Double Glazed Doors

How to get Sound Proofing Double Glazing Doors?

Double glazed hinged doors reduce noise through the front doors and the terrace or the colonial French doors as well as hinged doors which lead to balconies.

  • The sound barrier double glazed doors are usually installed of a double primary as well as a secondary sliding door.
  • This usually has 100mm of a gap of air between these two frames of the doors and it is used for new projects as well as houses which have been renovated and where the noise levels are a concern and need to be decreased.
  • This is like the secondary sliding door system but in this case the doors are rated acoustically.
  • These doors are referred technically as sound barrier double glazing doors. These have acoustic designs and are double glazed. In this there are different styles and it replicates different periods. The STC offered is 30 to 50+

It is important to know about the source of the noise:

However, when one wants to sound proof their homes, the double glazing doors is not the only thing they need to do.

  • They need to know first and foremost what it the noise that needs to be blocked out and where the noise originates from.
  • Once that is identified, then the various methods which are available need to be evaluated. If the noise comes through the ceiling or through the walls or even if the noise originates from outside the window and is being carried through single unglazed windows, then sound proofing and double glazing doors will not help at all.
  • Another method how noise is transmitted is through construction gaps that is when the sealing between different structural elements is not done. This is through the heating or ventilation ducts, the plumbing connections, back to back cabinets or even the power switches or power outlets that are there.
Door Soundproofing

Door Soundproofing

How do Soundproofing Double Glazing Doors Provide Complete Sound Insulation?

Structural noises too will not be helped by just soundproofing of the doors.

  • This noise happens when there is tapping or banging which is done on one side of the construction. This happens when people are walking above and the noise can be heard by the floor below.
  • When looking for soundproofing, you will come across Rw/Rw+Ctr ratings. The Rw is the weighted sound reduction index.
  • This value is to be higher as it informs about how pure the soundproofing performance of the material is. The second value consists of the factors where the effectiveness of the sound insulation is mitigated.
  • The Ctr is called the spectrum adaptation term. This tells you how well the sound proofing will work when it is installed. When the values are higher, the performance is better and the sound proofing is better.

In addition to sound proofing with double glazing doors, one can opt for doors which have good sealing at the edges. If the sealing is better, the sound is blocked as well as the walls. Double doors are useful in places where the sound needs to be completely blocked off if possible – this applies specially to places like home theaters.


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