How Much Does The Services of Blocked Sewer Expert Cost?

It is essential to maintain the drainage system of your house with frequent maintenance and repair services. With this, you can sustain the usability of drains and the value of your house too. However, when it comes to exploring blocked sewer expert for your house then discovering the best plumber becomes really important. As with the best services you will never have to worry about any sort of sewage problem, ensuring that it works the way it should.

Blocked Sewer Expert

Blocked Sewer Expert

What is the Work of Blocked Sewer Expert?

There are several equipments used by plumbers, but the first step would be to detect the area affected and then find the possible cause that led to the blockage. Earlier, if there were no signs of leaks or blocks then this would have been a difficult task for the plumbers, however, now with the use of cameras (sewer drain cameras) the expert can easily locate where the problem is by placing these cameras inside sewer pipes and then identify the blockage.

There are several reasons that can lead to blockage of drains, some of them are:

  • Products which are flushed into the toilet
  • Tree roots that swap into the sewage system
  • Grease buildup that turns solid. This grease tends to trap different materials inside the drain including hair and other products too.
  • Toilet paper that has been flushed into the drain can block sewage especially if the walls of the pipe are narrow.

After the problem has been identified, the blocked sewer expert immediately removes the blockage using professionally graded plumbing tools. One of the most common tools that plumber use for handling blocks in sewage is the electric eel. The eels refer to flexible & long rods with cutters present at the ends. These eels can easily penetrate inside the pipe and cut the possible materials that have blocked the drain.

However, there are a few demerits of using an electric eel too. In rare cases, they can affect the quality of your pipes. The good news is that if these tools are operated by a reliable plumber and so you don’t have to think about the drawbacks of these equipments. This is because such professionals are often trained in handling these equipments in a competent manner.

Blocked Sewer

Blocked Sewer

Typical Cost of Cleaning Blocked Drain

On an average, cleaning blocked drains would cost you somewhere between $90 to $300 depending upon the type of sewage system and the severity of the blockage. For instance, if tree roots have blocked the system than they would have crushed or broken certain elements of the pipe, which would yet again add up to the expenditure of the services from blocked sewer experts. In most of the cases, plumbers are often questioned upon charging $100 for simple jobs that take only a few hours to complete. But, what people fail to understand is the amount of hard work and labor that goes into performing these tasks with perfection.

For getting the most from your plumbing services, it is advised to hire a reliable professional first and then let them handle each and every issue associated with the plumbing system of your house. Now, when you install a new plumbing system in your house then make sure that you get a specialist who is capable of not only installing the system but is even able to take care of various issues that might occur while using the system.

At last, do ensure that you hire a qualified and licensed professional who is even insured for blocked drain services, so that you receive high quality services at the right value.


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