How to Choose the Best Fire Hose Suppliers and Manufacturers?

Fire hose is a term that is particularly associated with fire extinguishing process. The water pipes play an important role in putting out the fire. The pressure and the force required make the fire hose unique than the other. Unlike other water pipes the fire hose are designed to store in a flat manner so that they can easily be carried and stored. They have metal junctions at both the ends to handle the water pressure. It also has several outer metal rings in between to prevent any kind of vacuum in the pipe. The fire hose pipe is usually large so that it can be used in the multistoried buildings. They are designed differently according to the places where they are used. The fire hose suppliers and manufacturer supply pipes by keeping in mind all these above mentioned important points.

Fire Hose Suppliers and Manufacturers

Fire Hose Suppliers and Manufacturers

The Different Types of Fire Hose

There are different types of fire hose available in the market. All kinds are used for different purposes:

  • The most common type is the attack hose that is mostly used by the firemen to pour a large amount of water at a time. This hose generally has the minimal inner diameter and has the maximum length.
  • The second one is the supply hose that is larger in the diameter and helps to supply water from one pumping station to another. This hose is capable of transferring a large amount of water in a very short time.
  • Forestry hose is another type of hose that is used to put out a fire on a large scale like in case of forest fire where the hose needs to be flexible in nature.
  • Suction hose is used to pump water out in a low pressure. This particular hose is made out of rubber. It needs the suction to pump water out from the sources like river or pond.
  • Booster hose is widely used to put out small fires. It can pump a large amount of water at once so that the fire can be taken in control fast. It helps to prevent the fire from spreading in the congested areas.
Fire Hose

Fire Hose

Know more about Fire Hose

The raw materials used are mostly cotton fiber but sometimes rubber is also used as per the requirement. But now the polyester fibers are also used because of the flexibility they have. The synthetic fiber can also give a better resistance from abrasion and makes the hose last longer.

  • The design and the manufacturing are done as per the requirement only. One thing is very important to consider before buying any fire hose that is the flexibility of the hose and how much durable it is.
  • The manufacturing process of the fire hose is pretty simple but it is the quality of the raw materials that matters the most. The renowned manufacturers are all certified and always use the finest products only.
  • The new trend in the market is that the buyers now want the fire hose to be as light and as flexible as possible. So the new and improved materials are being used. The fire hoses are tested by the clients before buying because it is used in the disaster management and one fault can take a lot of lives.

The fire hose suppliers and manufacturer are plenty but the buyers need to choose the best amongst them. They should find a company that is certified and uses good quality raw materials only. The manufacturers produce the pipes as per the demand so before buying, they should be definite about which particular fire hose is needed so that exactly the same product can be delivered without any hassle.


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