7 Most Important Tips to Get Top Residential and Commercial Waterproofing Services

Many home owners are looking for professional residential and commercial waterproofing services these days. Both residential and commercial waterproofing can be done, to enhance the longevity of the rooms and the walls. But before you hire the waterproofing services, it is essential to know about their cost, whether they have licenses and for how many years they have been in the waterproofing business.

1. Conduct some careful research
It is essential to conduct a thorough research to be assured of the background of the waterproofing contractor. You should look for an agency that enjoys solid reputation from clients and business partners in the industry. You can get a fair idea regarding the quality of services, experience level and other things about the company with references from your acquaintances and friends, as well as through online research.

waterproofing services

waterproofing services

2. Check whether it is licensed
Find out whether the contractor is certified and is a licensed operator in the region. Licensing stands as a guarantee for professional and high quality services. If there are any issues related to the construction or the maintenance part, then you can face severe problems.

3. Find out its period of existence
Check whether the agency has been in business for a long time. Ask questions like:

  • How long the company has been in business?
  • Is it known for great services?
  • Has it been embroiled in legal issues?
  • Does it have usual business hours?

This will allow you to find out how reputed the service provider happen to be, and whether the quality of service is good enough. There are many waterproofing services which are available in your locality, and it is wise to choose them, as this will drastically reduce the transportation cost.

4. Get a price quote
Before you assign the task to any particular group, it is important to understand your budget, and also compare the price range with some of the other companies in your area. With a rough estimate, you can plan your budget. You should get quotes from different agencies and compare them in order to reduce your expenses, and come to a decision regarding the service provider you will be able to afford.

commercial waterproofing

commercial waterproofing

5. Know about the payment
Before hiring any residential and commercial waterproofing services provider, you should also ask about the payment options. An agency that demands to be paid before the commencement of work is not worth going for. You can get flexible payment plans with reputed contractors and get the chance to make payment in installments with them.

6. Know about the warranty

  • A reputed service provider will be able to provide you with a “no-water” warranty, which means you get an assurance of no leakage of water into your home foundation in any circumstance.
  • There should not be any exceptions or service fees in the warranty.
  • Prior to signing up with a specific contractor, you should not have any confusion regarding the services deemed as essential by him, the reasons why he sees them as essential and what will be the expenses for those services.

7. Ask about their methodology
You should ask important questions about the method of working at the time of inspection. Ask about the type of excavation plan that will be followed. The use of commercial excavation equipment is not right for a residential waterproofing project. Hand digging and use of mini excavation tools is acceptable in this case.

Finally, you can get in touch with the Better Business Bureau and find out whether the agency has got any complaints for its services or other things from prior customers. Find out how quickly the service provider handled and resolved those complaints. Move on from an agency that seems to be a magnet for complaints and negative feedbacks from customers.


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