A Short Guide to Fireplace Construction and the Options Available

The fireplaces look great, and it enhances the décor of the home. Although different types of modern heating systems are now available; the demand for the fireplace is rising. It has been observed that homes with fireplaces are now fetching better price, and there is an estimated return that is more than enough to substantiate the cost. Therefore, it is time now time to start the construction. The purpose of the fireplace is to dispense heat, and the heat source can be wood, gas or electricity. The demand is always for the wood-fired fireplaces, but the wood fired gadgets are very costly to run and difficult to maintain.



The Types of Fireplaces

There are three important types of fireplaces in use. The first is the masonry fireplaces, the second category is prefabricated, or zero clearance fireplaces and the other one is gas fired fireplaces.

  • There are certain legal and statutory bindings for adding fireplaces to the existing homes where there is no provision for the fireplace.
  • Therefore, it is important to get clearance for fireplace construction from the concerned civic authority.
  • The masonry fireplaces come in a definite size proportional to room size.
  • The opening of the masonry type fireplaces varies from two feet to six feet depending upon the room size.

The Necessary Detail

Masonry is not a very high skilled job. But, the mason must have previous experience of doing this job. There are a few things to remember.

  • The base of the fireplace must have the necessary support. A new building plan will take care of the problem.
  • A problem arises when a fireplace is added to an existing structure.
  • The Mason must take care that the chimney has adequate support from the base, and no part of the building is leaning on it.
  • The slope of the fireplace must be maintained and enough care should be taken so that the room becomes a gas chamber.
  • The fireplace must get sufficient air to burn the fuel.
  • At the time of Fireplace Construction the quality of the firebrick matters, and so enough care should be taken to the quality of the firebrick used.

The Other Types

The zero clearance fireplaces are excellent options. And there are several sizes and types of fireplaces that are available in the market. The standard procedure to select the right opening is easy. If the room is 12X16 then you just need to add twelve and sixteen and convert it to inches, and the result is twenty-eight. Therefore, the minimum opening should be twenty-eight inches. Now there are new concepts in the construction of fireplace to save energy expenses. Newly designed zero clearance is designed to draw air from the outside. These fireplaces are by far more energy efficient than the others. These fireplaces are light weight and better equipped and can be installed without very much trouble.



The Fireplaces Recapitulation

There is a third type of fireplace, and that is gas fired. The gas-fired fireplaces may not have the rustic look, but it may not dispense the aroma of the burning wood; it gives more warmth than the other ones. There is no ash burden or soot problem. Clean and efficient, it supplies more energy in terms of conversion and so it has lesser carbon footprint. There are a few types that demand to convert the last molecule of propane by using catalytic converters; there is a difference of opinion. The construction of gas fired fireplace is easy, and it only needs the gas connection and the venting of the gas system. The venting can be done by connecting a lightweight metal pipe leading to the outside. The no venting systems are also available, but it is better to be safe than sorry.


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