Incontinence Nappies for Adults for Ultimate Comfort

Despite the fact that incontinence is quite a prevalent illness, it is still a social stigma and triggers embarrassments. If this condition continues to prevail, then incontinence will soon lead to depression, loneliness, health and sexual problems. Even a mild urinary problem can have adverse effects on the quality of life of the person. Thus, selecting appropriate products is crucial to maintaining the well-being of life and this enables the person to protect its identity in public as a continent person and avoid the social taboo that is associated with it.

incontinence nappies for adults

Incontinence nappies for adults

Types of Incontinence Products

Products known as incontinence nappies for adults are used to help the patients to deal with the illness so that they can lead a normal life. There are certain specifications like:

  • The products that are now available on the market come in various shapes, sizes for different types of body types and different needs of absorbency.
  • The products have become more lightweight and thinner and can be used for more discreet purpose suitable for usages in the home, hospitals and medical institutions.
  • Products are involved in two piece system like a pad and a pant. This provides coverage for the complete spectrum of fecal and urinary incontinence.
  • Insert pads are a type of absorbency products designed as per the shape of the body that are knitted and stretched briefs. It is frequently used for light incontinence.
  • There are also male pouches that suffer from dribbling incontinence. This is used to position with the help of adhesive strips or can be worn with pants.
  • These types of adult pads have ten times more absorbency than the ordinary sanitary napkins.
  • The core of the pads is made of cellulose fluff and superabsorbent polymers that quickly absorbs the liquid for a dry and comfortable feeling.

Pull on Absorbency Pads

There are many trends named designs emerging in incontinence nappies for adults. One of the most modern styles is the pull-ups available in the gender-specific variations like men and women. It also has the feature of super absorbent pulp material in the center. Another important fact of these gender specific pull up pants is that these are used where it is most needed by both the genders like for men it is the up front and for women it is more towards the bottom. The active users are profoundly using these diapers because it has the style that mimics their underwear helping them to stay fresh and active without any worries.

adult incontinence pads

Adult incontinence pads

Criteria for Using

It is hard for any anti-incontinence products to provide you with a complete cure for urinary incontinence. Thus, the incontinence pads for adults can be used under the following circumstances like:

  • Prevailing of incontinence in spite of doing all the required and appropriate treatments.
  • If the patient is unable to attend any behavioral programs due to immobility or illness.
  • An incontinence disorder present in the body and cannot be cured with the help of any medication.
  • An incontinence disorder that is not corrected by any method of surgery.

More about Absorbency Pads

It has already been told that absorbency products vary greatly, but it is also available in the degrees of incontinence. Unlike the sanitary napkins, these products are designed to trap the urine and to save it from spilling over from the edges. On an average, these products absorb 20 to 300 ml of liquid depending on the material and brand of the pads. The absorbent products include pant guards, panty shields, adult briefs and washable pants. Adult undergarments are also available for absorption purpose, but they are bulkier and are held in place with the help of waist straps.


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